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Walden’s MSW program expects students in their specialization year to be able to:Critically evaluate evidence based and “best practice” treatment interventions.Compose clinical intervention plans that are grounded research-based knowledgeThis assignment is intended to help students demonstrate the behavioral components of this competency in their field education.To Prepare: Review the agency’s intervention/treatment plan used to engage clients. After reviewing the agency’s intervention/treatment plan, consult the literature and conduct extensive research, with the goal of finding best practices that supports or adds to the agency’s current intervention/treatment plan. The purpose of this assignment is to find research that supports or adds to the agency’s current intervention/treatment approach.By Day 7Submit a 1-2 page paper in which you APA 7:Briefly describe the agency’s intervention/treatment planBriefly discuss best practices about interventions identified in the literatureBriefly discuss how the agency can incorporate those best practices into the current intervention/treatment planProvide a brief summary of the similarities and differences between the intervention/treatment plan used at the agency and the suggested practices in the literature or provide how to utilize in agency*****NOTE****** THERE IS NO ATTACHED TREATMENT PLAN SO THE ANSWER FOR #1 is there is not one available ****NOTE**** I AM A SOCIAL WORK INTERN SO PLEASE USE LITERATURE THAT IS GEARED TOWARDS SOCIAL WORK AND COUNSELINGAGENCY IS AGAPE FOUNDATIONS INC, HAMPTON, VA USA-mental health counseling social work

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