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350-550 words max post word count at the end no headings or title no outside sources from the internet or any other source just portray knowledge of the topic. grammar and spelling is crucial and do no repeat questions when starting the paragraph.

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Letter by Thomas Garrett

Respond to the questions and attach the written response as a file.
See the rubric for grading in the upper right hand side of the screen in the drop down menu.
Submission must be 350 words minimum-550 words maximum.
Post word count at the end of your post.
No headings or titles
Demonstrate your knowledge of the entire assigned website journey and assigned letter
All written work must be in your own words.
No outside research except the websites in the assignment
No direct quotes over 1.5 sentences.
Upload as a file. Only use file extensions doc,docs, pdf.
This will be checked for plagiarism
Respond to both Part 1 and Part 2.
Show me you viewed the entire websites.
Your responses to each of the questions should be different.
Offer different illustrations and examples as your respond to each question.
No outside research or sources other than the 2 assignment websites
Do not repeat the questions and write in paragraph form
Part One
1) Go through this Underground Railroad Interactive website
(Links to an external site.)
Links to an external site.
2) Start with the Journey in the top left corner of the web-page. Choose “Yes”.
3) You will see that you are a slave with a choice to run or to stay.
Click “yes” I want to go
4) Take the complete journey to the end of the website where you arrive in Canada.
Answer 2 of the following 3 questions but write in paragraph form.
Show which questions you are answering by your writing and by not repeating the question and by using
different illustrations for each question you choose.
1) Describe 2 new things you learned about the Underground Railroad that were not in the text or the
Haber content comments. Be thorough in your description.
2) What surprised you? You must display learning and information from the website. Use detail and
evidence to back your generalizations. For instance do not only state , “It surprised me it was so
difficult”. Why was it difficult? Expand by describing the journey in depth.
3) Describe two new people or types of people you met on the way. You must display information from
the website
Part Two
Read this letter from Thomas Garrett to Harriet Tubman
(Links to an external site.)
Links to an external site.
Answer each of these questions:
1) How does Thomas Garrett’s letter add to your understanding of the Underground Railroad? Use at
least two specific examples from the letter.
2. How does this letter add to your understanding of Thomas Garrett’s role in the activities of the
Underground Railroad?

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