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Prepare an outline, using the template provided, to identify the key milestones (include at least five major tasks or steps for implementation) and deliverables of your project.


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With the rapid development of electronic industry in the world, many prominent
enterprises have declined or even disappeared in the fierce market competition. Intel is one of the
fastest growing, most influential and most praised enterprises in the field of electronic industry in
the world. After a few years of development, the company has become the largest
microprocessor manufacturer in the world. Intel designed new products to meet the needs of
specific target customers. Windshield GPS navigator is one of Intel’s new products designed to
innovate Intel’s transportation sector. The product aims to improve the efficiency of the transport
sector, especially the logistics business entities of the industry. It provides direction for drivers so
that they can reach their destination faster. Windshield GPS navigator is usually designed to
meet Intel’s mission and vision and effectively meet the needs of target customers in the market.
Forces impact the company business operations
There are many various forces impact the business operations of Intel. Product innovation
has an impact on Intel’s operations. Innovation is important for the survival and development of
an enterprise. There are no products on the market that have always been popular. All products
on the market have different life span, which can be divided into long-term and short-term.
Company design new products according to the needs of consumers. Every period consumers
have different purchasing intentions, and the needs of all consumers are also different.
Consumers need products that can be sold in the market for a long time, and products that
consumers do not need will disappear in the market. In this area, the company’s goal is to
produce profitable high-quality products that meet market demand (Lombardo, 2017). In order to
ensure that there are enough markets and reduce competition among its peers, Intel needs to keep
product innovation going. This method can keep on developing of the enterprise. Therefore,
Intel’s product innovation can expand the differentiation of similar products, improve the
competitiveness of the company and reduce market risk. Product innovation can get more
customer sources and company profits. Intel makes people really feel that innovation can make
the enterprise get permanent.
Technological innovation has an impact on Intel’s operations. Product innovation needs
the support and help of technological innovation. Without technological support, product
innovation is difficult to carry out. In terms of technology, Intel can firmly grasp the initiative of
product renewal and replacement by continuously strengthening scientific research and
development and striving to expand the scope of application of products. Technological
innovation helps to improve production methods and processes. Technological innovation
improves the utilization ratio of material production, reduces investment and reduces production
cost. If Intel uses technology innovation sufficiently, it can gain higher competitiveness in the
market and defeat its competitors. In addition, technological innovation needs high investment,
and there are greater risks. Therefore, the company needs a good market environment and policy
conditions when carrying out technological innovation, in order to obtain the maximum value.
The economic environment has a significant impact on Intel’s operation and management.
The economic policy and economic situation of the country where the company is located will
affect the purchasing power of consumers. Company need to be profitable, and changes in their
consumer activities will affect the economic environment. Therefore, the economic environment
requires company to change in order to achieve higher corporate benefits.
Key obstacles and issues
There are some obstacles to the change of Intel’s operation and management. Firstly, the
globalization of company development is one of the obstacles. The company’s global
development needs to face the ever-changing regulatory requirements. Every country has
different regulatory requirements. If an enterprise wants to develop in these countries, the
products designed and produced by the company need to conform to the regulatory requirements
of that country in order to develop in these countries. Therefore, the company’s development of
globalization requires understanding the regulatory requirements of various countries to ensure
that the products’ designed and produced can be sold in these countries.
In addition, another obstacle for Intel is that product changes are limited. Intel is a
manufacturer of personal computer parts and CPUs, mainly developing CPU processors.
However, with the acceleration of the renewal of electronic products, consumers are increasingly
demanding for electronic products. In order to satisfy the needs of consumers, company needs to
accelerate the updating of electronic products. Because of the fast update speed, the new product
lacks innovation. Therefore, enterprise needs to recruit more technicians and innovators, improve
the company’s technological innovation, so that new products cannot only ensure product quality
but also maintain product innovation.
Finally, there are management communication obstacle between Intel’s departments.
Communication and management are interrelated. Failure to communicate effectively is a
problem for every enterprise. When the enterprise structure is complex, effective communication
becomes more difficult. Many employees’ constructive ideas disappear before they are passed on
to their leaders. Leadership decisions are also not effectively communicated to all employees.
Therefore, the company needs to pass on the meaning of leadership to employees through task
sharing system in time. Subordinates can also reflect their ideas to their leaders. The colleagues
can also communicate with each other. The leaders can also check the accomplishment of the
staff’s work tasks through this way. Moreover, the company should clearly define the vision and
strategy of the enterprise; plan the blueprint of employees’ life; formulate the annual, monthly
and weekly goals of employees; improve the efficiency of employees’ action; provide accurate
information collection, company news, management system, learning materials and other
internal columns. Then, the employees can understand all kinds of enterprise information timely.
Changes to operations management philosophies and organizational structures
The complexity of enterprise management changes constantly, which leads to the change
of management philosophies and organization structure. The philosophies of enterprise
management are the core of enterprise culture. Without the business philosophy of enterprise, it
is impossible to establish their own brand and core competitiveness. The development of
enterprise cannot be without the organizational structure. Changes in internal and external
environment, change in integration and enterprise resources lead to changes in the organization..
The change of business environment lead to the change of business management
philosophies. Intel is a company that is constantly adapting to changing industry and market
trends. Company develop innovative products by motivating partners. Product innovation is an
important factor affecting Intel’s management, and its management has changed. Therefore,
company needs to constantly innovate products to achieve high profits and invest in the next
round of technology development.
Changes in the internal conditions of enterprises also lead to changes in the
organizational structure of enterprise. Intel’s organizational structure is based on technology
business (Rowland, 2018). Technological innovation will lead to changes in products and
processes, and the organizational structure of enterprises will change accordingly. Enterprises
need to adjust the organizational structure of technology, production and sales departments to
meet the needs of technological innovation when carrying out technological transformation or
introducing new equipment. Moreover, with the continuous development of enterprises, the
requirements for enterprise personnel have been improved. Therefore, changes in personnel
conditions will also lead to changes in the organizational structure of enterprises. The company
needs to improve its personnel structure and quality in order to adapt to the company’s
The business operations
Business operation has different operation and management modes because of different
business types, industries and scales (Shopify, 2019). Intel is a customer-oriented company.
When customers have requirements, the company will design products according to customers’
requirements. Because Intel divides its complex business into three relatively independent parts,
which are responsible for research and development, manufacturing and supply, this organization
structure can ensure the accountability system of business operation. Therefore, the company
needs to design different goals for each department according to the requirements of customers.
The company regularly reviews and confirms the goals and plans to ensure the effectiveness of
the goals and plans.
Intel’s business operations are critical to the company’s strategic plan, mission and vision.
The company’s products are pioneers in discovering and promoting technology, education,
culture, social responsibility, manufacturing. Accordingly, we need to continue to work with
customers, partners and consumers to achieve a better strategic plan for the company’s
development. At the same time, the company’s operation is also affected by its mission and
There are many factors that affect productivity and profitability. Organizational factors
are directly proportional to productivity and profitability (Akrani, 2013). Intel’s internal structure
is a tight matrix management structure. The advantage of this structure is that once the market
changes, feedback go straight to the core, and communication channels are very short. Therefore,
this structure can improve productivity and profitability. Another factor is equipment. The
arrangement and execution steps of the equipment are different, and the time of using the
equipment is also different (Gartenstein, 2019). The company chooses the best steps so that the
work can be completed as soon as possible.
The key trends in production, quality, resource, and information management
The key trend of Intel production is to adopt a transparent and effective real-time
management system for Material Requirement Planning and Manufacturing Resources Planning.
One factor is that time and speed will affect market competitiveness. The factor of time and
speed has attracted the attention of other fields, especially in the supply chain environment, time
and speed are competitive advantages between enterprises. Another aspect is that customers are
increasingly concerned about the productivity of enterprises. Inventory cost is the most important
component of occupied assets. Reducing inventory can reduce inventory costs. Fixed equipment
investment is also one of the factors affecting asset productivity. Reducing the number of private
warehouses by reducing inventory and utilizing public warehouses has become an obvious trend.
Intel’s key quality trend is to maintain high quality in all aspects. It is necessary not only
to ensure the high quality of products, but also to ensure the quality of transport services.
Because the quality of transportation service directly affects the quantity of supplier’s inventory
and distributor’s warehouse, and finally affects the evaluation of product quality, timeliness and
price. As a result, Intel offers more products than almost any other manufacturer in the world
(Intel, 2019).
Intel’s main trend in resource and information management is to ensure the timeliness of
these resources and information. Through the enterprise resource planning system, the logistics
and information flow between enterprises can be realized, and the company can quickly know
the final customer demand, reduce inventory costs, and improve the competitiveness of the entire
industry. Therefore, the use and management of enterprise resource planning system is also the
inevitable trend of enterprise resource and information management.
The impact of these key trends
The key trends in production, quality, resources and information management have a
tremendous impact on Intel’s operations and management. The main goal of the company’s
operation and management is to increase productivity and obtain higher profits. Therefore, these
key trends can help the company’s operation and management. In the aspect of production, the
use of Material Requirement Planning and Manufacturing Resources Planning system makes the
production process link up with each other and maintain continuity. At the same time, these
system eliminates the blindness of production and inventory and eliminates the coexistence of
excessive production and shortage. They make the company plan unified and feasible.
Moreover, quality improvement refers not only to high-quality products, but also to highquality services. The improvement of service quality can meet the existing needs and obtain
potential customers. It is not only the highest level of service provided by enterprises to meet the
target customers, but also the consistency of the predetermined service level of enterprises.
In addition, the effective use of resources and information can also improve productivity
and profitability. In the aspect of resource and information management, the use of Enterprise
Resource Planning system can integrate the resources and information of the whole enterprise
and improve the enterprise’s adaptability. Enterprise can also get accurate data information
through Enterprise Resource Planning system. Through the enterprise resource planning system
with Internet and supply chain management, enterprises and raw material suppliers can
understand each other’s wishes and improve their ability to change the market. Similarly, through
the enterprise resource planning system, the relationship between enterprises and customers can
fully grasp the market demand and promote the development relationship between enterprises
and customers and suppliers.
Running Head: Final Project Milestone Two: Operationalization
The potential costs, risks, and benefits
Windshield GPS navigator from the design, production, product sales bring a variety of
costs. Firstly, the cost of raw materials varies with the choice of raw materials. The cost of highquality raw materials is relatively high, and the cost of low-quality materials is low. Intel’s choice
changes the cost. Secondly, production equipment and technical resources also incur costs. When
the company manufactures the windshield GPS navigator, it invests a large amount of budget in
the production equipment and technology resources. It takes a lot of costs for company to use the
best equipment and the latest technology. Thirdly, windshield GPS navigator belongs to one of
the electronic products. Some electronic wastes are produced during the production of electronic
products. Electronic waste not only wastes the company’s resources, but also seriously pollutes
the environment. As a result, electronic waste creates a potential cost burden for companies. Intel
should strengthen the cost management of electronic waste, improve resource utilization, reduce
energy consumption and reduce costs. Fourthly, the marketing cost of new products is also one
of the important costs. The product is sold as a new product in the market, so a lot of marketing
means are needed to improve customer’s understanding of the product and get the attention of
potential customers. Finally, communication among company members can also bring potential
costs to company. Communication is an important part of company operation. The
communication between colleagues, leaders and subordinates are distorted or unsatisfactory
(McQuerrey, 2019). Poor communication can easily lead to ineffective processes, which not only
wastes time but also increases the cost of the project.
Intel is affected by the risk of new business. It must consider these risks, which will
reduce its profits or failures (Kenton, 2019). Electronic products have become a necessity of
modern life, so there is risks in the company’s research and development of new electronic
Final Project Milestone Two: Operationalization
products. Because of the extensive application of new materials and technologies, the complexity
of electronic products has been improved. A large number of different kinds of new products
continue to pour into the market, while bringing people a rich and colorful life, the problem of
product quality risk cannot be ignored. One of the risks faced by Intel’s new windshield GPS
navigator is product quality risk. Because this product is a brand-new electronic product,
customers need to examine the product life cycle to ensure that product quality problems do not
lead to shorter life cycle. Therefore, customers are concerned about the risk of product quality
problems. On the other hand, windshield GPS navigator needs to be installed and after-sales
service for customers, so the company’s service quality is also one of the risks. In the process of
trading, the company and customers establish trust relationship through high-quality service. In
the product installation phase, Intel needs to provide customers with high-quality installation
services to ensure that the installation of new products is correct and reduce the risk of service
quality. In the after-sales service stage, telephone service and interview are very important. If the
timeliness, attitude and answering questions are not satisfactory, the risk of service quality may
In addition, the benefits of the stakeholders of Intel are related to the operation of
windshield GPS navigators. The product is designed and manufactured according to the needs of
customers. It can fully meet the needs of customers. Therefore, customers will choose to buy
new products only if they can get value from new products (Spacey, 2017). Similarly, the
windshield GPS navigator, published as a new product, can improve the competitiveness of the
company and reduce the threat posed by competitors. As a result, the company can benefit from
increased sales. The development of new products promotes the development of the company’s
Final Project Milestone Two: Operationalization
A work breakdown structure
Work breakdown structure is a key deliverable of a project, which divides the team’s
work organization into manageable structures (Work Breakdown Structure, 2019). The research
and development of windshield GPS navigator is divided into four tasks: product design,
research and development, sales testing and quality inspection management. The design task of
new products includes four subtasks: market investigation, project evaluation, design planning
and design evaluation. In the stage of market investigation, the company’s sales department
needs to conduct a large-scale market investigation and fill in user’s suggestions, summarize the
different needs of consumers, and screen out the survey data suitable for new product
development, and determine the report of new product development. In the project evaluation
stage, the company set up a project team to evaluate the report of new product development and
determine the feasibility of new products. In the design planning stage, the project team
formulates the new product design and development plan and development schedule according to
the project review of the new product. In the design review stage, the company’s senior
management evaluate all the information to ensure that the new product development plan can
proceed smoothly.
The research and development tasks of new products include …
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