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4 page paper workcited is included in the paper, and the work cited page is already done. Must use evidence with citations to prove claims.

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Introduction to Philosophy
Instructor: Fatima Hye
I. Introduction
– topic
– author
– text
– thesis
1) what it means to you to “vindicate women’s rights”
2) does Wollstonecraft do this or not
Sample Thesis Statements:
I believe Wollstonecraft has vindicated women’s rights because she shows that any inequalities
between men and women were created by society.
I do not believe Wollstonecraft vindicated women’s rights because she fails to show that women
are capable of making their own decisions.
I think Wollstonecraft did vindicate women’s rights because she shows that women are equal
spiritually and intellectually.
II. Evidence
III. Evidence
IV. Evidence
V. Conclusion
Work Cited
Wollstonecraft, Mary. A Vindication of the Rights of Woman. Dover Publications: New York.

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