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Post an initial response of 800 to 1000 word (maximum) to the Discussion Board that addresses the following questions:
Compare the US style of corporate governance to the style of corporate governance to one country of your choice (Great Britain, Germany, or Japan). How do the two styles of corporate governance differ? How are they similar? What is one feature of corporate governance in the country you selected that you believe would be beneficial if adopted in the US? Why would such a feature be beneficial if adopted in the US?references:
Government and Business: American Political Economy in Comparative Perspective.
Chapter 3, “The Stakes in Government Systems” (pp. 46–67)
Chapter 4, “Corporate Governance and Public Responsibility” (pp. 68–93)
Lehne, R. (2013).Margaret Hamburg remarks on C-Span.Retrieved from:…C-Span (Producer) (2015). “Global Engagement” (U.S. Food and Drug Administration)
Retrieved from:
FDA. (2013).

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