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Project DescriptionAs an interdisciplinary and introductory course, Introduction to Women’s Studies: Women and Society presents students with a variety of readings and methodologies exploring the complexities of gender and women’s roles (historically and in contemporary societies). In this assignment, students will write a 3-page paper in which they apply these materials and approaches to a current popular media news article related to women’s studies.Step 1:Choose one (and only one) recent (published within the last 12 months) popular media news article about women that you believe would prove useful in a discussion in a women’s studies course.Please Note: You must choose a popular media news article. Look for a byline (author) and date of publication. If there is no author or publication date, the article you have found is not a news article. If you’re not sure if you’ve found a news article then you can ask me and I’ll try to confirm this for you. Popular media includes an article from your local newspaper or an article from newspapers such as the New York Times, Washington Post or USA Today (to name just a few). Examples of appropriate magazines include, but are not limited to, Ms., Newsweek, Time or Essence. Online articles can be used as well as paper copies. Step 2:Using the materials from your Learning Resources (including the course modules), make explicit connections between your article and women’s studies. Although you are using a news article, the primary purpose of the essay is to demonstrate how well you can apply course content to the news article. Keep in mind that this paper is not about whether you “like” or “dislike” the article. This paper is about how well you can apply information from the course to the article and demonstrate that you understand the course content. For your convenience, below is a list of key concepts associated with this class. WMST 200 Conceptsactivism and social changecultural constructiondefinition of gender vs. (biological) sexdefinition of interdisciplinarydefinitions of feminismdifferencedifferences in women’s priorities according to geography/historydiversity among womeneffects of privilegeglobal perspectiveshealthhistory of the women’s movement, divisions within feminism, history of women’s studiesidentityimpact of women’s studies on the universityinternalization of stereotypeslaws affecting womenlocal, national, and international initiatives on women’s rights (UN)myths of feminismoppression, sexuality, sexual orientationplace of women within traditional academic disciplinespower, privilege, and inequalityrolessexism, horizontal sexismstereotypestheory and practicevarious academic disciplinesStep 3:Prepare a 3 page (and only 3 page) paper that contains the following:An introductory paragraph which explains the purpose of the paperA very brief summary of your chosen article (approximately 1 paragraph)An analysis (or applied learning) of the news article in which you apply 2 to 3 particular concepts, theories and/or course content to the chosen article (this should be the longest section in the paper). Clearly identify the 2 to 3 concepts you have chosen and explain how these concepts apply to the content in your chosen article.A brief evaluation regarding how well the chosen article reflects current scholarship in women’s studies (approximately 1 paragraph)A concluding paragraph Additional information about your paper:In-text citations and references must be used in this paper.The paper requires a cover sheet (title page) and a reference page.The total number of pages for the body of the paper should be 3 pages (not including the cover sheet and reference page). I will deduct 1 point for every page over this 3-page limit.The paper should follow APA style. Please use the WMST 200 APA Style Guide that I’ve provided for you as this is the guide that I use to grade your papers.The paper should be double-spacedParagraphs should be indented 5 spacesThe pages should be numbered.Do not include an abstract.

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