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Prompt for five-page class paper: Identify two films shown in class which demonstrate competing styles in political or narrative delivery (e.g. an understated film vs. a highly sensationalized film, or cynical film vs. an optimistic film) and argue your ideas citing specific moments or scenes in the films. 12 point font, double spaced. Please apply details in your paper. State your point immediately and render your argument using clear terms. Give evidence to your ideas rather than generalize your thoughts. Proof read your paper for consistent logic, spelling and grammar. Avoid summarizing film plots. Do not plagiarize or you risk serious academic misconduct sanctions. Papers must be uploaded by July 26, 11:59pm Those films are:1. all the president’s men( 1976, alan s, pakula)2. Do the right thing (1989, spike lee)3. Mississippi burning (1988, alan parker)4. wag the dog (1997, barry levinson)5. The manchurian candidate (both 1962 & 2004)6. Silkwood (1983)plese select two film from above, let me know if you have any other question

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