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Please write as you are a college students, which examples and experiences should be related.Question:How do most people deal with stress? How do YOU deal with stress? Do you think that technology has increased, decreased, or has had no impact on people’s stress levels? Do you think that past experiences influence people’s perceptions, which influence whether or not people get stressed in a particular situation? Do you agree with this quote? There is nothing either good or bad,but thinking makes it so–William ShakespearePART 1: post #1 write your answer to the question (150-300 words)PART 2: post #2 Respond to one answer from your classmates with one post (between 150 and 300 words). If your post is vague or general you will be docked 2 points (see rubric). Please finish PART 1 first, and I will send you the post of my classmates since the discussion requires a submission prior to reply. After receiving the post, I will extend the time for the reply.

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