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Please write a 500-word essay based on the prompt below. Your essay should “critically engage with the substance of the speaker’s talk using concepts and examples from the course readings to make an argument in response to the presentation.” You need to show evidence in your essay that you have engaged with Professor Darian-Smith’s lecture, the guest’s lecture, and the reading materials. If we can’t tell in your writing that you engaged with those 3 components you will be marked down.Prompt:Write a brief response paper of approximately 500 words making your own argument about Professor Al-Bulushi’s reading and presentation. There are some questions to think about listed below. You don’t need to answer them all.What topics or issues did Professor Al-Bulushi engage with? Were the issues touched on global-scale issues? Which global dimensions of the issue were discussed?Was the presenter’s analysis of the issue a global analysis? What interdisciplinary and global perspectives, if any, were employed? Was there more than one level involved in the analysis (transnational, regional, national or local)? If so, how did the local level figure into the presenter’s analysis? How did the issues discussed impact the local, or vice versa?What did the reading assigned by the presenter contribute to their presentation?Essay Requirements:Due date: Sunday, July 21st by 11:59PM.Word count: 500 words (600 word maximum).Word count includes the title as well as the in-text citations, but excludes the header and the end-of-the-paper bibliography.Format:Include your nameand ID numberon page 1 of your essay.Include page numbersand an essay title.Your essay should be double-spaced, 12 point font.Citations: Citations are required.Citation format:In-text parenthetical citation (Author Year, page number) with a bibliography of works cited at the end of the document.i. e. (Al-Bulushi N.D., 25)Al-Bulushi, Yousuf. N.D. “The Global Threat of Race and the Decomposition of Struggle” You may use the following example for lecture material:IN-TEXT: (Darian-Smith 2019).BIBLIOGRAPHY:Darian-Smith, Eve. 2019. “Introduction to Yousef Al-Bulushi ” International Studies Forum, July 2019, University of California, Irvine.Al-Bulushi, Yousuf. 2019. “The Global Threat of Race and the Decomposition of Struggle” International Studies Forum, January 17, 2019, University of California, Irvine.See also this link for citation guidelines: (Links to an external site.). See also the bibliography of The Global Turn for additional examples.Submission procedure:Papers should be uploaded to the course website (Canvas).Upload your essay as either a Word document (.doc or .docx) OR PDF(.pdf). If you upload another format your essay will not be scored. If you use Pages, export to another format or print to pdf.Writing tips for short response papers:1) Start with a clear and clearly identifiable thesis statementThe thesis statement is a summary of your argument.You should be able to circle it on the page.2) The thesis statement should fully and completely address the assignment promptRespond to all parts of the prompt as-written.It’s okay to break your thesis statement into a couple of sentences.3) Support each component of the thesis statement with complete paragraphsEach paragraph contains a single thought, and the paragraphs are arranged in a logical sequence.Use class materials to build support for your argument.It should be obvious that you watched the lecture videos.

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