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Post an initial response of 1000 word (maximum) to the Discussion Board that addresses the following questions: In the Week’s article on regulating toxic chemicals, the author raises the question of whether the Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA) is doing an adequate job of protecting consumers? Based on information gathered from the article, take a position on this question and provide support for your position. Given your position, what changes, if any, would you suggest Congress make to the TSCA? Why would you recommend those changes? You may cite outside sources, but this is not required.References:Government and Business:American Political Economy in Comparative PerspectiveChapter 15, “Business as Social Actor” (pp. 308–326)Lehne, R. (2012).Consumer Safety: Do Government Regulators Need More Power?” (CQ Researcher)Retrieved from:, P. (2007, October 12). “Regulating Toxic Chemicals: Do We Know Enough About Chemical Risks?.” (CQ Researcher)Available through the UM library onlineWeeks, J. (2014, January). “The Political Economy of Consumer Protection: An Examination of State Legislation” (The Western Political Quarterly)Meier, K.I.(1987).

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