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5pagea. Tesla Market analysis –i. consider the product-market scope for your brand. If you are working with a ‘family brand’ (e.g., Nivea), that will include many personal care products such as women’s/men’s hair, skin, nails, cleansers, etc. If you are working at a sub-brand or descriptor level (e.g., Nivea Men, Gap Baby) your market focus is narrow. ii. Who are they (families, singles, working professionals, old/young, affluent, middle class, other)? What do they want (benefits/needs – social, emotional, functional, financial, experiential)? Where do they use the product (home, out of home, other)? When (situations, seasonal, social context, other)? How often? Where and how do they prefer to buy the product? iii. How large is the market (i.e., dollars, units, number of people, etc.)? What is the rate of growth and the opportunity for your brand to capture a strong competitive space with at least one defined segment? b. Brand Extension decision – Based on your competitive and market analysis, what opportunities do you see for current brand? Is there growth in the larger product class? Example: Colgate markets toothpaste, toothbrushes, and whitening products; what other ‘oral care’ products might they consider? Identify 2 or 3 options and evaluate each alternative based on decision criteria (i.e., use of current distribution channels, launch within 6 months, etc.). Select one brand extension type from this site: Include your target market description for the extension – this decision should be based on your prior analysis of product-market opportunities, competitive analysis, and company analysis.

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