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5 pages 10 sources (See grading rubric for more detail) this is a real open assignment considering you can use a topic of your choice . Please read document carefully when tutor is chosen that will be the only attached document I have to provide . So it is important to base this writing assignment off those guidelines .

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Research or term papers are due on the date of the final examination.
The topic of the paper must be directly related to Psychology.
On the date of submitting the mid-term examination, you are to submit the topic and a thesis
statement or an outline of the term paper along with at least three of the references used. The
references cannot be dated before the year 1975.
The completed paper, including all references used, is to be turned in on the date of the final
As you are working on your term paper, keep in mind that its primary function is to show your
ability to understand scholarly research and to use it to support your own ideas and opinions.
The length of the paper should be a minimum of five and no more than ten pages long.
The form of the paper must be typed, double-spaced. You must submit the original typed paper.
Photocopies of the paper are not acceptable. If typing is not available to you, the paper must be
presented in legible handwriting.
Your paper should be organized as follows:
Introduction: A paragraph or two representing a topic statement that describes your presentation.
Research Section: this is the core of the paper – must be a discussion
of your research. At least 10 sources or references should have been consulted.
Your Opinions: Your own opinions and ideas based on the research and materials you have read.
Indicate which sources you agree with and which one you don t and why. What conclusions you
have reached and are there any questions related to your topic that you feel that have not been
Bibliography: List all the sources used for your paper in alphabetically order at the end of your
Paper. It is suggested that when listing the references and/or sources used in the paper, use the
APA format.

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