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PresentationYou have been invited to present a paper at an academic conference focused on conceptual research. Conceptual research proposes new models or ways of thinking (i.e., theory building) rather than reporting research findings from statistical analysis. The assigned theme for the conference is “Emergent Models in Team Dynamics.” You have a scholarly audience.Tasks:Using the concepts in this week’s lectures and reading to get started, research at least three concepts or factors pertaining to team dynamics.On the basis of your research, rationale, and appropriate examples, propose a supported model, linking your concepts or factors.Don’t just report a model you find in the literature.Look for connections, relationships, or explanations that others have not seen.Your model does not need to be complex, but it should bring together concepts that help explain and predict why teams (or team members) do what they do and say what they say (the big-picture questions of group and team behavior).Your concepts and the connections between those concepts need to have support from the literature, even though no one might have combined your factors into a clear model or theory yet.Propose at least two possible research directions that could emerge from your theoretical model (i.e., future researchers should . . .).Propose at least two possible implications for leaders, organizations, and/or teams emerging from your model (i.e., leadership should . . ., organizations should . . ., and/or teams should . . .).Submission Details:Complete your paper in a 6- to 8-page Microsoft Word document, using APA style.Name your document SU_MGT7105_W4_LastName_FirstInitial.doc.Submit your document to the Submissions Area by the due date assigned.

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