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750-1000 wordsI have written multiple papers on this social problem which i will provide. You will answer the prompts below with my previous essays as reference. You can pull from the other essays just try to rephrase a bit and make sure not to just copy a whole paragraph. the paper should have 4 different scholarly sources!First, summarize what you’ve learned regarding the impact of social phenomenon (for instance, social inequality, social deviance, etc.) on the social problem you selected from macro and micro perspectives. (EXPLAIN IT IN GENERAL AND USE EXAMPLES FROM PROVIDED PAPERS AS WELL AS AN OUTSIDE SOURCE OF HOW IT IMPACTS ON A MICRO AND MACRO LEVEL)Next, in Topic 1, you explained how the theoretical perspective(s) that best aligns with your selected social problem (conflict, functionalist, and interactionist) explains how it came to be and is perpetuated. In this essay, explain how your study of the conflict theory has deepened your understanding of why the social problem you’ve selected continues to exist and how it can be alleviated..(FOCUS MAINLY ON HOW ECONOMIC EQUALITY EXISTS DUE TO CONFLICT THEORY AND HOW IT CAN BE ALLEVIATED)Lastly, provide your own possible solutions to your selected social problem that are more effective than current solutions, based on research you’ve collected.(PULL FROM MY PREVIOUS PAPERS AND ADD ONE OR TWO ORIGINAL IDEAS ONTO THAT)

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