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Population Growth, Watershed, and Effect on the BayInvestigate the effect of population growth on watersheds and the Chesapeake Bay Watch the video Bay 101 Population Growth.Then read the information on the site including the terms commonly used when discussion watersheds: Agriculture Impervious Nutrients Pollution Sediment Stormwater WatershedPay particular attention to how the population growth has increased and the effect this has on the Bay.Find out what the Watershed Technical Workgroup does Investigate the reports
of their last meeting. What are the concerns indicated by the different
reports? What do they have to do with population growth, groundwater,
and effect on the Bay?Investigate Rising Population, Development Threaten Health of Potomac River Locate another body of
water in your area or in another part of the country that interests you.
Find data on population growth in the area over the last five years.
Make a data table (bar graph, pie chart, etc) to depict the growth
data. Then find data that shows the effect of the population growth on
the body of water. Depict this on another data graphic.

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