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Prepare a résumé for the job you discussed in your company report.Use a functional or chronological style that best fits your education and experience and includes a summary of skills rather than a career objective. A references page should be attached to the résumé.The bulk of the résumé should be in a 12 pt. Ariel font with 1″ margins–this will vary in headings.Submit your résumé as a word document. (45 points)2. Prepare a cover letter for your résumé . Make sure you include all the required parts of a business letter. (25 points)3. You were successful in getting a job offer. Prepare a letter accepting the job. Make sure you include all the required parts of a business letter and all the information you need to confirm regarding the job offer. (20 points)CREATE ONE FILE THAT INCLUDES ALL THREE PARTS FOR SUBMISSION.PLEASE DO NOT COPY!



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Working at The Creative Life (TCL)
Name: Xinzhao Li
Troy University
Working at The Creative Life
Company background
The Creative Life (TCL) is among the leading global manufacturers of consumer
electronics. Its products include smartphones, washing machines, air conditioners, coolers, and
televisions. As the name suggests, TCL believes creativity as a core factor in the modern world.
The company was established in 1981 in Huizhou. Throughout its lifetime, the company boasts
of various China’s first, including the first hands-button telephone and the first locally made
dual-core laptop. It also created the world’s first commercial 3D stereoscopic LCD TV as well as
creating the first internet television among other world-changing innovations, thus making it
national pride. Currently, TCL has three subsidiaries, TCL Electronics, China Display
Optoelectronics, and Tonly Electronics. As of January 2019, TCL had 75,000 employees in
Australasia, Africa, Europe, and the Americas (“TCL Electronics Holdings Limited – The
Creative Life,” 2019).
Why TCL?
It is the dream of any creative Chinese to work for The Creative Life, but most
importantly, the company has a position for anyone who fits its culture. The company offers
many opportunities in its research institutes, product design, manufacturing, and sales. I have
always believed that I am a natural salesperson. Therefore, I am interested in the position of a
salesman. Using my skills, I would like to help put the TCL brand on every household, not just
in China but globally.
Description of the job of a salesman
1. First, a salesperson is responsible for creating new channels to move the TCL products
(“Salesman (meeting whiteboard),” 2019). The sales person identifies potential markets, studies
its needs, and identify the TCL product that solves the problems. If there is none, the salesperson
shall report to the company about the potential market’s needs.
2. Second, he/she will promote the brand’s influence in the regional market to compete with other
brands. The consumer electronics market is full of big brands like LG, Samsung, Von Hotpoint,
and Sony. Therefore, the salesperson should develop promotional messages that communicate
why the customers should choose TCL.
3. Thirdly, he/she manages relations with the customers. TCL does not just want to sell products,
but to create a lasting relationship with the customers to ensure the sustainable growth of the
brand in the new and existing markets. The salesperson will coordinate aftersales services such
as repair and product replacement in the regional markets.
Job requirements
1. University degree or above
2. 2. 2-3 years’ experience in sales
3. Strong interpersonal and communication skills
4. Exceptional customer service awareness
5. Knowledge of government procurement and recruitment policies
6. Can adapt to extensive business trips
What I need
To qualify for the job, I will have to meet the academic and skills requirement. First, I
must graduate from college with good grades of at least a GPA of 3.5 (Hinson, Adeola, &
Amartey, 2018). However, I believe that having a master’s degree in sales would be an added
advantage. Therefore, I will enroll immediately for a master’s program to stand out as a potential
member of the TCL marketing team. Secondly, I will register for a short course in
communication. Specifically, I want to be fluent not only in English but also improve my nonverbal communication skills such as dressing and courtesies of various regions of the world.
Finally, I need to familiarize with the company’s products and services so that I can market them
effectively if selected for the job.
Hinson, R., Adeola, O. & Amartey, A. (2018). Sales management: a primer for frontier markets.
Charlotte: IAP – Information Age Publishing, Inc.
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