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A book of your choosing – Have read a book about a historical topic that fits into the curriculum of this class. Each student will write a book report for that book. The report should be at least 3 pages typed double spaced.The student will be expected to complete one or moreof the following writing assignments (minimum total writing requirement, 800words).1. Construct historical hypotheses.2. Analyze historical cause and effect sequences.3. Evaluate historical events and personages.Time Frame ExamplesIndia’s Mughal Empire
China’s Manchu Dynasty
African Cultures: Yoruba, Oyo, Benin, Dahomey
World Religions
European Absolutism and Revolution
Japan’s Shogunate and Opening to the West
Latin American Colonization and Independence
Boxer Rebellion
Postivism and Western Intellectualism
World Wars and Cold War
Modernism, Post-Modernism, Globalization
Roots of the Modern Middle-East Crisis

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