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Pornography always relates to and is defined as “a genre of mass-produced written or visual materials designed to arouse or titillate the reader or viewer”(Taormino et al.: 6). Massive arousing photos, literatures, and films have been produced and regulated in the 19 century. Various categories of pornography are exposed to people ranging from teenagers to elderly people who have access to internet. Pornography makes a great profit after the legalization during the sexual revolution of 1960s and 70s. As Jennie Pepper states, “With revenues of nearly $8–$10 billion a year, the adult entertainment industry is one of the largest entertainment industries in the United States”(Taormino et al.: 7). Whether if it’s sex between couples, or erotic sex as fornication, large consumption of each types shows the amount of sexual desire continues existing in society which flourish pornography industry in the past and present. Yet, though Pornography consumption on the rise proves people’s sexual desire and brings unprecedented profit, pornography has been controversial for decades. Underground and erotic pornography which contradicts to social norms established impinge upon both sex industry and its practitioners. Illicit porn flushing into public markets invade different facet of current cultures. Also, it affects people and critics to define pornography with a sign of warning. As “Brown Sugar” demonstrates, “celebrity sex tapes, political sex scandals, and popular sex panics around issues like youth “sexting” have popularized the idea of public sex as a symptom of a pornographic main-stream media”(Taormino et al.: 7). When discussing feminist porn, a broad definition is that as both an established and emerging genre of pornography, feminist porn uses sexually explicit imagery to contest and complicate dominant representations of gender, sexuality, race, ethnicity, class, ability, age, body type, and other identity markers(Mireille Miller-Young 2014: 9). Feminist porn can utilize its form to challenge the settled definition of female, sex and perceived ideas between relationships of women and men. Pornography actresses express their attitudes about sex during performance. They not only see their career as an opportunity to better quality of their lives but also utilize the platform to refresh ideas people towards them and fight for their equality. Last week’s readings by Weitzer also proves the idea by stating sex workers “engage in such works not simply out of economic need but out of satisfaction with control it gives them over their sexual interactions” (Weitzer 2010: 6). Porn actress also helps to expose more forms of prons as lesbian porn and “porn for women”. It is a huge progress as the sex industry, instead of merely focusing its customers on males, switch its focus to multiple genders viewers and performers. However, porn wars between feminists debate about issues relating to sexuality have last for years. Anti-pornography feminists believe pornography is the representation of violence and patriarchal sexual relations. Sex-positive feminists argue that “anti-porn feminism as a huge setback for the feminist struggle to empower women and sexual minorities”(Mireille Miller-Young 2014: 10). To fight against stereotypes from anti-pornography feminists, porn performers like Candida Royalle construct a support organized a support grub and successfully made a new genre of porn, which is porn from women’s points of view. More women join the sex-positive movement and help to create porn film based on rules showing respect to women. As one of the critiria in The Feminist Porn Awards states: “It depicts genuine female pleasure; and/or (3) It expands the boundaries of sexual representation on film and challenges stereotypes that are often found in mainstream porn”(Mireille Miller-Young 2014: 12).

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