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Purpose of Wireless TechnologyRead the three articles below:Hassan, A. (2005). IEEE 802.11 Technologies Day, B. (2001), Developing Wireless Applications using the Javaä 2 Platform, Micro Edition, retrieved from Mobile Device Technology – Introduction to Mobility Java Technology. (n.d.). Retrieved from you click on these links, you will be sent to the home page for the Learning section of the Java Wireless Development website supported by Sun Microsystems. The home page consists of a great deal of overview content and links to other sources of information. Be sure to visit all the links and make sure you know where things are located for future reference. Pay particular attention to the material on J2ME and the relationship between J2ME and other Java Platforms. (Note that there are links to the two articles above contained in this webpage. There are also links to the tutorials that you will be working on in the Session Long Project.)Case AssignmentAfter reading the articles and scanning the overview material:Write a 3- to 5-page paper on how the wireless technology initiatives will change the way in which global voice, email, data exchange and message will be impacted in the years ahead — be sure to cite relevant support for your arguments from your readings.Assignment ExpectationsUse information from the modular background readings as well as the given resources. Also, you could use any good quality resource you can find. Please cite all sources and provide a reference list at the end of your paper.LENGTH: 3-5 pages and double-spaced.The following items will be assessed in particular:Your ability to consolidate ideas from reading materials and your understanding of the materials.Your ability to write a report with strong argument.Some in-text references to modular background readings.

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