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Professionals in all fields are finding themselves challenged with constantly changing technology and the quickly growing field of information literacy. Finding reliable, current industry information and effectively using and communicating this information through the multitude of available channels are essential to success. As a graduate student and public administration professional, you will need to begin building a library of useful and credible resources.In this assignment, you will locate specific information about 1 organization in a particular field or area from each of the 3 sectors using a variety of databases and websites. Additionally, you will need to explain how these organizations are interrelated by conducting research into the connections the organizations have to each other you will need to determine the most appropriate and credible resources for the type of information you need. If you have difficulty locating information, please consult a librarian and ask for guidance. Your instructor is also a good resource, particularly for finding information on government and nonprofit sector agencies.Action ItemsComplete your assigned reading, review the assignment overview and rubric, and review these documents, which provide information on useful sources for researching public and private organizations:For-Profit Information SourcesNonprofit Information SourcesGovernment Organization Information SourcesBudget VocabularyArticle or Website Evaluation ToolChoose a field/area that is of interest to you from the options below AND research each of the three organizations listed for that field (one for each sector):Field/AreaOrganizations You Must ResearchCriminal JusticeCorrections Corporation of AmericaAmerican Civil Liberties UnionU.S. Department of JusticeDisaster Preparedness & ResponseNationwide InsuranceAmerican Red CrossU.S. Department of Homeland SecurityHealth CareCardinal Health, Inc.Nationwide Children’s HospitalU.S. Department of Health and Human ServicesHousingBank of AmericaHabitat for HumanityU.S. Department of Housing and Urban DevelopmentConduct research to understand and identify examples of how the 3 organizations are interdependent; that is, how they impact each other and how are they interrelated. You should apply concepts and frameworks from the readings to help you organize, understand, and communicate in a systematic fashion the information you research about the organizations.For each organization, this information should be presented in a table in an the Appendix of your paper:Private, For-Profit Organization/Business:Summary of its business (goods and services sold)Executive head of the company and the executive’s compensationTwo largest shareholders or ownersNumber of employeesRevenueOne interesting fact about the company according to the most recent annual reportExample of company impact on public and nonprofit sectorsNet income and the meaning of net incomeWebsite address of the company organizationAn important fact about the company from its websiteGovernment Organization/Agency:Summary of purpose and functions or major programsHead of the agency or organization and salary (if available)Senate committee with oversight over the agencyNumber of employeesRevenueMajor source of revenue by fund or tax sourceMajor area of expenditure by function or program categoryExample of impact on private sectorWebsite address of organizationAn important fact about the agency or organization from its websiteNonprofit Organization/Agency:Summary of purpose and functions or major programs and classification under the IRS codeExecutive head of the organization and salary (if available)Chair of the Board of Trustees (or main over sight board)Number of employeesRevenueMajor source of revenueMajor area of expenditureExample of impact on public sectorWebsite address of organizationAn important fact about the agency or organization from its websiteWrite a reader-friendly, APA formatted and cited (for example, include citation of sources and a reference list), 3-5 page paper (not including appendices) that includes the following:Introduction: Get the readers’ attention, let them know why the paper will be worth reading. Identify your purpose/argument/thesis and explain why is it important, provide any necessary context/background, and provide a brief overview of what you will do in the paper.Explanation and Analysis: Explain how all three organizations are interdependent/interrelated and analyze the importance of these interrelationships – for example how do they impact each others’ operations, finances, activities and what are the implications for the leaders and managers of these organizations if they want to successfully advance their respective missions. You MUST apply concepts and frameworks from the readings to organize and explain what you learned about the interrelationships between the organizations. For example, you may want to use the framework presented by Heckman (2012) to help identify and categorize examples of interdependence between the three organizations you researched.Conclusion: Discuss what your analysis tells us about the importance and interdependence of each the three sectors – for-profit, government, and nonprofit – and why it is important for government and nonprofit leaders and managers to understand and manage this interdependence.Appendix: The basic information you researched for each organization type in Step 2B above should be included in the Appendix, with a separate table for each organization. The appendix does not count toward the 3-5 page limit.At least 48 hours before this paper is due, submit your paper to Turnitin. If your Originality Report states that more than 24% of your document is not original thought, consider reworking your paper so that it is written in your own words.

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