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PSY 3320 Child Psychology Paper Instructions and Grading Students are required to prepare a Child Psychology Paper regarding a topic covered in your textbook that is of interest to you. EssayChoose a topic that interests you related to childhood developmental or psychological issues such as intellectual disability, childhood and adolescent obesity, autism, childhood depression, bullying, blended families, or etc. The goal of the essay assignment is for you to increase knowledge or interest in pertinent topics/ issues of the abnormal development/psychology. You are responsible for developing a 3-5 page presentation (not including title, abstract and reference page) adhering to APA style formatting (with in-text citations). The essay should include the following:1. Title page with your name and class (PSY 3320)2. Short abstract page giving summary of essay/paper3. Description of the problem / topic of investigation 4. Why this problem / topic is important5. Relevance of this problem / topic to minority populations or diverse cultures6. Prevention and intervention strategies outlined in the literature (your sources) 7. Conclusion summarizing the project including your personal perspectives and thoughts about the future of this topic.8. References (at least 3 references, 2 of which must be peer reviewed articles within the last 5 years).Journal articles can be obtained online through the Troy University Library. Your CP Paper must be at least 3 full pages of content (which does not include the Title page, Abstract, or Reference page). PSY3320 – Child Psychology Paper Instructions and Grading 5 • You CP Paper must comply with all of the following requirements: FORMAT ORGANIZATION AND THOROUGHNESSSENTENCE STRUCTURE, GRAMMAR, MECHANICS AND SPELLING LEVEL OF CONTENT Following are details about each of these requirement areas and the Grading Criteria. Please review it carefully, and make sure your CP Paper meets all of these requirements. FORMAT • APA format must be used throughout the Paper including the citations in-text and on the Reference page • Times New Roman font style throughout the Paper • Size 12 font throughout the Paper • Black lettering on white background throughout the Paper • Double-spaced (which is 2.0) throughout the Paper including the running headings. • 1 inch margins on all 4 sides of each page • Microsoft Word must be used • The Paper must be saved as a Microsoft Word document and attached into its designated submission space in Canvas (under the Week/Module 8 button).

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