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PSY 150 Application PaperGeneral Paper Requirements:All papers in all classes will be submitted to Safe Assign as a Word document. Please also bring a hard copy of your paper to class on the due date.Times New Roman, Calibri, Verdana – 12 point font (yes, it has to be typed)Cover Page:name, class and section (example: PSY150.61P), title of paper, dateUse APAformatting style (cover page, margins, citations/references – if required)Paragraphs should be a minimum of five (5) GOOD sentencesUploaded to Safe Assign by the beginning of class on the due date.Minimum of three (3) double-spaced pagesNOTE:PAPER MUST BE COMPLETED AND SUBMITTED IN MICROSOFT WORD (.doc or .docx file) (OR SAVED AS .rtf file). Failure to submit a Word file and/or to Safe Assign will result in a zero on the paper.Points Are Earned As Follows:Introduction(10 points total):• 5 points – Introduce the movie/paper – basic plot – in the context of general psychology principles. You will synthesize – bring together – psychology and the movie plot.• 5 points – List the four broad categories you will be covering. Integrate or weave in the list of categories within your introduction. Must be a well-developed paragraph with depth of thought and good grammar.Body Paragraphs (20 points each – there will be at least 4 body paragraphs) – 80 points total• Open with your category in a clear topic sentence.• Within the paragraph, apply three examples of completely different concepts under the topic of that category to a movie scene.• For example (1 paragraph would look like)o Category – behaviorism – described in topic sentenceo 5 points – Develop example 1 (your first topic related to behaviorism, for example –classical conditioning) from movie relating to classical conditioning. Do not define classical conditioning, but apply a scene from the movie that shows an example of classical conditioning.o 5 points – Develop example 2 (your second topic related to behaviorism, for example – positive punishment) from movie relating to positive punishment. Do not define positive punishment, but apply a scene from the movie that shows an example of positive punishment.o 5 points – Develop example 3 (your third topic related to behaviorism, for example – observational learning) from movie related to observational learning. Do not define observational learning, but apply a scene from the movie that shows an example of observational learning.o 5 points – for paragraph development, communication of ideas, and grammar.Each paragraph like the example would be worth 20 points, and you will do four (4) paragraphs – based on four (4) different categories. These will total 80 points.You should be covering a total of twelve (12) separate concepts in this paper (so double-check to ensure you haven’t missed any).Conclusion (10 points total)o 5 points – Evaluate – present your defended opinion of how well (or not) the movie related to psychology. Integrate this into your paper’s concluding statements.o 5 points – Must be a well-developed paragraph with depth of thought and good grammar.IMPORTANT NOTE:Do NOT look at movie review websites for any part of your paper. Every semester several students get a zero and end up failing the course for using lines, phrases or thoughts from a movie review website. Doing this is plagiarism, and I will be checking. It could end your college career, go on your permanent record, and/or cause failure in the course.

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Approved Movies or Television Shows
PSY 150 Application Paper
The Hunger Games (any installment)
The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo
Divergent (any installment)
Maze Runner (any installment)
The Firm
Lord of the Rings (any installment)
Maid In Manhattan
The Notebook
Pretty Woman
Man On Fire
Star Wars (any installment)
Silence of the Lambs
Red Dragon
Mission Impossible (any installment)
Any superhero movie (Batman, Superman, Spiderman, Iron Man, Thor, Guardians of the
Galaxy, etc.)
Fireproof (Christian Film)
A Time To Kill
The Wedding Planner
You’ve Got Mail
Facing The Giants (Christian film)
A Beautiful Mind
National Treasure (1 or 2)
The Avengers
Television Shows
Criminal Minds
The Walking Dead
Breaking Bad
Law and Order (either Criminal Intent or Special Victims Unit)
Twilight Zone
Black Mirror
The Flash
The Punisher
Star Trek (any series)
Doctor Who
Note: Feel free to ask me about movies not on this list. Just email me…

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