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Provide a brief (circa 200-300 words) analysis of the portrayal of the immigrant and/or ethnic American in a poem of your choice. (20 points)Your discussion should: Identify the immigrant and/or ethnic American (group and/or figure) featured in the poem Analyze at least one poetic/literary device at work in the poem Discuss at least one theme in the poem Provide textual evidence and examplesFor example, you may wish to discuss the portrayal of first- or second-generation immigrants, ethnic identity, family, tradition/custom, assimilation and/or Americanization, language, memory, values, or other relevant topics at work in your selected poem.Please provide concrete textual examples—via direct quotation and/or paraphrase—to support and illustrate your ideas and interpretations. Please provide the poetry line number(s) in parenthetical citation for your textual example(s) per MLA Style.Select ONE text from the following poems:Pat Mora, “Immigrants”Elias Miguel Muñoz, “Little Sister Born in This Land”Soul Choj Vang, “The Last Drops”That’s

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