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A feminist is defined as a person who believes in the social, political, and economic equality of the sexes. However, over the past semester, we’ve discussed how women are not equal due to power structures and the institutionalism of the patriarchy. These power dynamics can be considered within society but also the international system at large. In this essay, I’d like you to consider whether the power dynamics that lead to gender inequality in society as well as in the international system can be changed. Regardless of which way you this question (yes they can change, no they can’t) please support your answer with two examples in the global system. No References only citations from the readings or video i’ll download for you.Do not use google in it. This essay is based in what we talked about in class and please READ the notes and articles




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Asra Nomani Video
• Doesn’t agree with the separation of men and women in the mosques during prayer
• Thought Morgantown would be a refuge for her to live after she had a child out of
wedlock in Pakistan
• Tensions between conservatives and non-conservatives over how to incorporate women
into the mosque
• Asra describes some people in the mosque using the words “extremist” and
“fundamentalism” which are often equated with each other, but isn’t necessarily true
• Divides between the ways Middle Easterners and Asian Muslims think
• Divides between traditionalist/conservative Muslims and liberal/evolutionary Muslims
o President of mosque is conservative, while Asra is liberal; moderates are losing
out in the argument
• How are traditional religious ideas and culture reconciled with today’s modern western
• Differences between misogyny and patriarchal society
o Misogyny – open hatred for women
o Patriarchal society – set of institutions organized in a way where men have an
advantage; men hold the power and women are largely excluded from it; roles
are defined for both men and women in this type of society and the male roles
consist of power, responsibility while women are thought of as property,
emotional and child-like; the idea that men have to take care of women because
they can’t do it themselves; engrained in the traditions and religions of our
cultures (men giving daughters away at wedding, wearing white at weddings)
• Culture can be operationalized as it can mean many different things; traditions, religion,
food, language, etc.
• In Morgantown, there are no other options for mosques if you don’t agree with the
leadership, whereas Christians have unlimited options
• Are traditions of modesty about misogyny, the patriarchal society or personal choice
• “Are we going to chase the idea of an Islam doesn’t exist?” -Asra
• Translation of Islamic beliefs into American beliefs
• Dangerous to put Islam into your own words
• If any religious text is read literally, we see evidence of the patriarchy, it isn’t just Islam
• Sometimes the patriarchy evolves into misogyny, but misogyny is personal, while the
patriarchy is systemic, societal, cultural, institutional and constructed
Maternal Mortality
• Pre- and post-birth
• Problems with pregnancy and delivery around the world
o Anemia
o Pre-eclampsia/Eclampsia
o Obstructed labor/birth
• What happens in the underdeveloped world?
o Fistulas
o Fetal deaths/stillbirths
o Maternal death
• Half the Sky: Maternal Mortality in Somaliland Video
o 1 in 12 risk for mother to die during childbirth in Somalia
o Women who deliver at home seen as strong, but those who seek care in a
hospital are seen as weak
o Woman trains midwives in her hospital then sends them back to their villages

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