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Please write a 2 pages summary of 3-Think Tanks describing their role in policy making and contribution on research/collaboration with Agencies and Departments. (use in-text citation for your reflective summary)Resources: (please use their research window and type ”Think Tanks” so you can get the list. if it doesn’t work then do your own research online: (Links to an external site.) (Links to an external site.) “Top US Think Tanks” or “Think Tanks Policy Making” Use: google research; there are many resources/listings on Think Tanks.Brookings Institution (Links to an external site.)Woodrow Wilson Center, you can also search top US Think Tanks contributing to policy making.or more links if you can find/ also watch the Supplemental Video on “Think Tanks” under Module Week #3 Try to address in your summary: History/Purpose of the Think Tank (it should be an American Think Tank)Contribution in Policy Making Research interest of the Think Tank Collaboration if any with Agencies/CabinetsProfit or Non-ProfitPolitical IdeologyCite your Sources (in-text citation or Bibliography)

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