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A professional Portfolio is a collection of documents that
provides evidence of your education, skill sets, accomplishments, goals,
competencies, professional background, your dedication to life-long learning,
and anything else that validates your commitment to your profession. A
professional Portfolio is a tool to help you prepare and plan your career as
well as assist you in role acquisition. Once you complete your Portfolio, much
of what you need for the next phase of your career will already be collected!
Additionally, this Portfolio assignment will promote a process of
self-reflection and self-awareness which are necessary components to acquiring
a new professional identity. Once completed, you will be able to identify your
strengths and accomplishments which will help you develop confidence as you transition
from the role of a registered nurse to that of an advanced practice nurse. DirectionsBelow is a list of documents/artifacts that you will need to
include in your portfolio. For this unit you need to complete and submit items
1–4. Please scan these and save as a PDF document. At the end of Unit 8 your
ePortfolio should be one PDF document. The following format should be used:Title Page (APA
format)Table of contentsPersonal
Philosophy: Write a brief page on your philosophy of advanced practice nursing
in primary care.NP Role
definition: Write a brief paper that includes your definition and
characterization of the NP role in the current U.S. healthcare environment.

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