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1.WRITE: Discuss the following aspects of your personal development in emerging adulthood (if you still consider yourself an adolescent, your experience as a college student is enough to give you a basic personal understanding of developmental changes):A) Physical Development (current health and activity level)B) Cognitive Development (difficulty of classes; changes in ability to reason and apply logic to arguments [aspects of postformal thought])C) Social/Emotional Development (identity development [evaluate through the lens of potential occupation, ethnicity, and gender]; political beliefs/involvement; romantic relationships; relationship with parents) 2. WATCH the following videos on Native American youth and identity issues, which total about 20 minutes altogether:A. C. 3. Next, READ the first part of the following article, which discusses the psychological effects of colonization (should take 5-10 minutes):…4. WRITE: Summarize the 5 ways that colonization leads to internalized destruction.

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