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Public Policy Meeting Assignment Submit a 3-4 page summary paper on the public policy meeting:THESE ARE YOUR SECTION HEADINGS:The purpose of the meeting, key participants, key agenda items, and meeting logisticsBackground information and a description about the committeeOne specific topic that was discussed at the meeting and an explanation of the committee processAn analysis of the key stakeholder positions related to the topic discussedKey interactions that occurred at the meetingOutcomes of the meeting including the specific topic focusAPA format (6th ed.), proper grammar, and references as appropriateThe first six bullet points above should be your headings for each section of your paper. Your paper is to be in proper APA format with running heads, proper alignment and margins, headers for each section, page numbers, title page, reference page, in-text citations, and the paper should not exceed 4 pages (excluding the title page and the reference page). Your paper should also be typed in 12 pt font and it should be double-spaced. Should the body of your paper exceed 4 pages, only the first four pages will be graded and points will be deducted. *** This is the
selected Public Policy Meeting that must be used to complete this!!Planned Parenthood, focusing on women’s reproductive healthcare.Meeting Name: Planned Parenthood Candidates Forum, Part 2Location: the section (last section of the video) of Beto O’RourkeDate: June 22, 2019This is information from my previous assignment, that can possibly be
used for this one:Congressman Beto O’Rourke,I am proposing policies for strict disciplinary action
for full access to Planned Parenthood, focusing on women’s reproductive
healthcare.It is essential for women to have proper reproductive
healthcare, such as screenings, preventative measures, medications, birth
control, as well as abortion rights. Women should be able to decide when they
want to bring in a new life into this world or not, and no one should decide
for them. Immigrant women should also be provided with healthcare, follow the
laws of the United States, and be treated as a human being. After having
watched the Planned Parenthood Candidate Forum Part 2, I am totally for the
visions that Congressman Beto O’Rourke described. Another issue, related to
healthcare, is the lack of ability for healthcare providers to afford
healthcare themselves, which affects me due to the fact that I am a registered
nurse, in the healthcare field, also struggling with affordable healthcare.O’Rourke mentioned his promises to elevate the power
of unions, living wages, provide universal, high quality healthcare, primary
healthcare, as well as mental healthcare. Something else that should be offered
is sex education, in order to help decrease unwanted pregnancies and sexually
transmitted diseases in our country. By supporting the empowerment of women and
access to family planning, you’re also helping protect the health of our planet
and other species.I am seeking approval for such policies in favor for
access to women’s reproductive healthcare, and fully funding Planned Parenthood
because of the following reasons:
Reproductive rights are fundamental human rights. Many
women seek access to contraception and are not able to get it.
Approximately 45% of pregnancies in the United States
are unplanned. Having access to reproductive healthcare and extensive sex
education aids to being responsible of making concrete reproductive
If access to contraception is increased and easily
available, this will lead to a decrease in unplanned pregnancies. The more
birth-control options that are available, the better these women will be
able to find a method that is a perfect fit for them.
Top Five Reasons to Support Reproductive Rights. (n.d.). Retrieved July
18, 2019, from Voter’s Self Defense System. (n.d.). Retrieved July 18,
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