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Post a total of 3 substantive responses over 2 separate days for full participation. This includes your initial post and 2 replies to other students. Due Thursday Respond to the following in a minimum of 175 words: Describe an example of ethical drift that you have witnessed in your nursing practice. How was the situation addressed? Or, was it? After taking this course, what will you do if and/or when you encounter an ethical drift in the future?( this part is due on 7/4/18 at 12:00 noon pacific time).Please you have to use references . APA style please respond to this two following classmates post. ( this section is due on Sunday 7/7/19 at 12 noon pacific time). Tina Gibson2 hours ago, at 7:12 PM NEWIn my years of nursing so far I have been witnessed to several situations that could be called ethical drifts. Before this weeks readings I would not have referenced them that however it makes sense considering the definition . One ethical drift that has truly stuck with me is a patient that fell out of her bed , this particular patient was a bilateral UE amputee .This made it so when she fell she had no way to brace herself causing her to hit the hard floor very hard. This fall caused severe injuries, from a broken hip to a head injury. I know many people have had their occurrences with falls but this patients fall as many was truly preventable. Earlier in shift maintenance was called due to one of her side rails being loose, they came to the room and claimed to have tighten it by the release lever. Later that day the patient yelled out causing the staff to run responding to the loud squeal that was heard to find the patient on the floor covered in blood and unresponsive very shortly after. 911 was phoned and patient was taken to the hospital. A day or so after incident the DON asked that the 3 nurses and tech that was assigned to the unit report to her office. It was there she asked that all staff go over their stories leaving out the part that the bed needed fixing because her boyfriend the maintenance director let her know that night the railing was still broken , it had not been fixed. Then let us know that the state was on their way to interview the staff after the passing of the patient at the hospital. We were all in shock and felt retaliation if we didn’t reply , not only did she ask that of us they also removed the bed rail after the fall and discarded it. Yes true awful story and to make a long story short no job is worth sacrificing your ethical beliefs and ignoring wrong. The state heard the truth from all , legal action took place in many aspects and no the family can never have their loved one back but the truth helped and was the right thing to do.Westrick, S. (2014). Essentials of Nursing Law and Ethics (2nd ed.). Retrieved from The University of Phoenix eBook Collection database.Edited by Tina Gibson on Jul 3, 2019, 7:15:30 PMReply | Show Replies (1) NEWMary Boateng2 hours ago, at 7:02 PM NEWThe overarching goal of health care is to provide effective, quality, and safe care for all individuals. The role of nurses in achieving this goal is to provide safe and quality care to the patient entrusted under their care. There are roles, regulations, and guidelines that has been establish to safeguard the roles and responsibilities of nurses with the intension of maintaining patients safety. However, the dangers posed by impaired nurses must be identified and address accordingly. Despite the ethical responsibilities for nurses to provide safe and quality care to the patients, some nurses unfortunately work under the influence s of certain substances which has the tendencies to impaired their judgements and poses greater risks to themselves and most importantly to the patients under their care. In situations where there is a suspected impairment of a co-worker, it is the responsibility of the nurse to promptly report the suspected behavior to the appropriate authority who are entrusted with the responsibility to handle such situations. Failure to report the unwarranted behavior f these impaired nurses may place them as well as the patient in serious risk that may result in fatality or even death. For example , recently one of my co-workers was suspect being impaired and it was reported to the nurse manager on the floor. The nurse was suspended and referred to a substance abuse program for assistance. This class has thought me important ethical principles and guidelines which has prepared me to handle any ethical dilemma that I may encounter in my in my nursing practice.ReferenceWestrick, S. (2014). Essentials of Nursing Law and Ethics (2nd ed.). Retrieved from The University of Phoenix eBook Collection database.

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