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Professor and class,FLORENCE NIGHTINGALE is the woman who inspired and created a pathway for those who want to step in , in the noble profession called NURSING. She is the one who succeeded in getting the name as “MOTHER OF NURSING”. For most of the aspiring nursing students and nurses she is the role model. She created passion, developed humanity, motivated in social care while rendering her services to the patients. Persons who are willing to enter into this noble profession has to know about this lady who had rewritten the definitions of nursing by her enormous, simple methods in curing diseases of patient.She is other wise called as “LADY WITH THE LAMP”.One of the legacy or master story about her is at the time of Crimean war where a thousands of soldiers are injured, lost their body parts in the war.At the time of their sufferings with pain one lady came in front holding a lamp in her hand, to heal the persons suffering from pain. She is none other than Florence nightingale. On the battle grounds where all the soldiers laid on with wounds she started giving nursing care from one person and ended up with hundred number person. She gave that care by holding only one lamp in her hand.Florence Nightingale taught us how a nurse should be polite, develop patience, improve communication with patients, how to develop a healing hand while giving care, maintain simplicity, professional organization, etc. Hence we are following that great lady legacy which she showed to the future generations.Reference Judd, D., & Sitzman, K. (2014). A History of American nursing: Trends and eras (2nd ed.). Burlington, MA: Jones & Bartlett.

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