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6. Marketing ImplementationThis is a timeline of the activities you would do when executing your marketing plan. Describe when you plan to do certain marketing activities and how long they will take. Consider how other departments may need to work in tandem with marketing. Please be brief –do not spend more than one page on Marketing Implementation.7. Evaluation and ControlNo marketing plan is perfect; things always go wrong (or go better than hoped). What variables will you betrack to monitor your success/failure? How will you track these variables? How will you adapt if performance is worse than you hoped? Please be brief –do not spend more than one page on Evaluation and Control.


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MKT 3100 Principles of Marketing
Instructor: Angeliki Christodoulopoulou
Marketing Plan Guide – Structure, Requirements, and Tips
Assignment objectives
For the final project in the Principles of Marketing course, you will write a marketing plan for a new
product – it may be a good, service, experience, or idea – invented by your team. Through this exercise,
you will not only learn how to develop, plan, and implement a successful marketing strategy, but also
train your creative and teamwork skills. The final report should be developed with attention to
grammar, formatting, and logical development of ideas. Possible readers of a marketing plan may
include your client, supervisor, or an investor; therefore, do put effort into communicating your ideas
This document is your roadmap towards writing a high-quality project. Please read it carefully.
Selection of the topic and group collaboration
Think carefully about the subject of your marketing plan. Try to reach a consensus and chose a topic of
interest to all of you. In my experience, if you are passionate about your work, then collaboration goes
more smoothly. When working in groups it is natural that members have distinct roles, and you need
some time to get used to the group dynamics. Just remember that as a member of your team, you work
towards a common objective: to create an excellent marketing plan. Besides individual effort, this also
requires an excellent communication between members and good task coordination.
Important dates
Form groups – Team name list due
Decide on topic – Product description due
Part A due (Executive Summary, Marketing Environment & SWOT Analysis)
Final report, Presentation slide deck, & Evaluations due
Report content and structure requirements
Your report should start with a separate title page with the names of the group members, the
name/brand of your product, and appropriate course information. In the main body of the report,
include ALL marketing plan components, which are described in detail below. A References section
should list all the cited sources in the report. I will be grading you on all the following sections.
Each of the sections required in the marketing plan is described below. Use it as a checklist for your
1. Executive Summary
Briefly summarize your product, your company, the market situation, and the overall objective and
contents of this marketing plan.
Things to include/consider:
• A concise, clear description of the product (good/service/experience/idea) you are marketing.
• Highlight the key characteristics that differentiate your product from other alternatives already
existing in the market.
Notes on topic selection and specifications:
• You are creating a new product (good/service/experience/idea): Describe how the product
works and suggest a marketing strategy that differentiates your proposed idea from existing
substitutes in the market. Be specific about the product specifications, including any drawbacks,
and consider comparable products on the market. You are allowed to use technologies that are
currently unavailable but are likely to be true (backed by scientific reports or predictions) within
the next couple of years. You can’t base your plan solely on technologies that are entirely
imaginary and won’t be true in the near future (such as flying cars). Although you are not
required to produce a prototype of the product, you need to think of all the necessary details
related to the product so that it seems real. You will describe this in detail in the product section
of this plan (section 5-c).
2. Marketing Environment (Immediate/Micro & Macro)
What environmental factors are particularly relevant? How are they influencing the current or future
marketing efforts? What is changing?
Things to include/consider:
• For the immediate/micro-environment think about: both the competition and corporate
o Do a comprehensive analysis about your direct, indirect, and potential competitors. Focus
on the competitive products, rather than the firms that own these products. List the details
of their product offerings, pricing, services, and how they are different from your product.
o Describe the potential corporate partners for your business.
• For the macro-environment think about: demographic, economic, social, technological, political,
and cultural forces. However, focus only on the macroenvironmental issues that you think are
specifically related to your product and have a major influence on your marketing plan. Provide
concrete (i.e. researched) evidence of your answers, using reliable sources whenever possible.
Saying obvious statements like “the economy is strong” is obvious and meaningless without you
providing specific details that make it relevant to your marketing plan.
3. SWOT Analysis
The culmination of your environmental review is a SWOT analysis, both explained in text and
summarized in a table.
Things to include/consider:
• A SWOT analysis is NOT a “sales pitch.” It should be a concise, objective assessment of the
strengths and weaknesses of your business/product and the realistic opportunities and threats
out in the world. Don’t try to “sugarcoat” reality to make your plan seem more feasible than it
really is. Be a neutral and objective analyst.
• Remember that things that seem to be threats may actually be opportunities, depending on
your marketing approach.
• A strength is not a real strength if all your competitors also have it or can easily mimic it. Your
strengths should be unique and difficult for competitors to mimic or substitute.
4. Business and Marketing Objectives
Your objectives should be based on the analysis of your marketing environment (immediate and macro)
and your SWOT analysis. Based on your analyses, what are the specific objectives you want to achieve?
Things to include/consider:
• You must be able to define specific, measurable outcomes and define a time frame in which to
achieve your goals. If an objective is not measurable, it’s meaningless. If it’s not specific, it’s
meaningless. If you do not define a time by which to achieve your goal, it’s meaningless.
• You may have three to five objectives in both the short-term and long-term. Make sure each
one meets the criteria mentioned above.
5. Marketing Strategy
This is the most crucial section of the marketing plan. Make sure that your marketing strategies help
achieve your objectives and meet the needs of your target market, while taking into account your SWOT
and Environmental analyses. Marketing strategy includes the definition of the target segment and 4Ps.
Please be thorough – you should spend at least four pages on the Marketing Strategy section.
a. Segmentation
• Which segmentation methods (i.e., geographic, demographic, geodemographic, psychographic,
benefits, and behavioral) would you use to segment the market for your product? Pick at least
two segmentation methods and describe how you would segment the market using them.
• Evaluate the attractiveness of the resulting market segment(s) using at least two of the segment
attractiveness criteria (i.e., identifiable, substantial, reachable, responsive, and profitable).
b. Target Market
• What segment(s) of customers are you targeting? Be specific.
• Which among the four targeting strategies (i.e., mass marketing, differentiated, concentrated,
and micromarketing) would you choose to reach your target segment(s)? Why?
• What is the annual segment profitability of your target segment(s)? Show your calculations.
Things to include/consider:
• Think about the unique wants and needs of your segment.
• Use more facts and figures to support your argument whenever you can. For example, if your
potential target market is tech-savvy teens and young adults, how large is this market? How
many people belong to this category in the US? What is their spending power? What are their
shopping habits? What media can reach them effectively?
c. Marketing Mix: 4Ps
Cover your strategy for each of the 4Ps. Make sure that you clearly state how your 4Ps are
appropriate for your target market (including showing that they meet the unique needs and wants
of your segment(s)). Please be thorough.
Things to include/consider:
• Product – You have described the basic product (good/service/experience/idea) briefly.
However, here you should provide detailed product specifications, unique product features,

versions, etc. Also, consider getting more in-depth in terms of features offered, associated
services, branding, packaging, and other relevant decisions.
o What are reasonable 5Cs of pricing (i.e., company objectives, customers, costs, competition,
and channel members) that affect your product? Explain how they influence your pricing
o How do the three factors (i.e., income effect, substitution effect, and cross-price elasticity)
influence the price elasticity of demand of your product?
o There are two pricing strategies for a new product (i.e., market penetration pricing and price
skimming). Considering your business objectives, which new product pricing strategy should
your team use? Briefly explain your reasoning.
Place (Distribution) – Describe and justify the distribution channel(s) you will use to reach your
potential customers. Provide details on the degree of vertical integration, distribution intensity,
members of the marketing channel, retailing decisions, etc. You may want to consider how your
distribution may evolve if your product is successful over time.
Promotion (Communication) – Characterize the media mix you think will be appropriate and
justify it. Discuss in detail what role different types of communication elements will play, and
think about how social media may be coordinated with other promotional efforts. Provide
specific examples of your planned communications.
6. Marketing Implementation
This is a timeline of the activities you would do when executing your marketing plan. Describe when you
plan to do certain marketing activities and how long they will take. Consider how other departments
may need to work in tandem with marketing. Please be brief – do not spend more than one page on
Marketing Implementation.
7. Evaluation and Control
No marketing plan is perfect; things always go wrong (or go better than hoped). What variables will you
be tracking to monitor your success/failure? How will you track these variables? How will you adapt if
performance is worse than you hoped? Please be brief – do not spend more than one page on
Evaluation and Control.
Please use professional style in writing. This is a business document that you are supposed to submit to
your employers (such as the company which hired you to do consulting) or potential investors (if you are
setting up a business). You should avoid excessive personal opinions, informal use of language, or claims
that are not backed up by any research results or statistics. A well-written business document should be
concise and to the point. Do not include factors for the sake of covering all items from our textbook. If a
sentence isn’t particularly relevant to your product or market, remove it. You will not gain any extra
points by writing longer documents.
Please make sure that your final report is no longer than 15 pages long (excluding title page, tables and
figures, and references), double spaced, 12-point font, and 1-inch margins on all sides. If you want to
format your submission slightly differently (for example put certain content in tables), first convert it to
standard format to make sure it does not exceed the length limit, and then apply your desired format.
Your report should also be professional in terms of formatting. Proper page numbering, use of headings
and subheadings (according to the required sections), good flow, good grammar, and no typos are
elements that convey professionalism and will also impact your grade.
Please include citations in your report whenever you are using existing sources of material (for example,
specifications of competitive products). Please follow APA citation format for your citations (see Purdue
University’s website for guidelines). Include a list of all cited sources as a separate References section at
the end of the report. Even if your sources are online, you should list the author’s name, publication
date, article title, and journal title (if there is one) before the URL of the website. Try to use more
reputable sources – such as manufacturers’ official websites, Wall Street Journal, Business Week, and
other economic journals, newspapers, or well-known review sites such as – and rely less on
personal review sites or random blogs.
Group Number: 7
Member Names:
Kaori Hernandez
Amanda Maldonado
Clary Dan
Yijing Cheng
Quan Ouyang
Planner App
The app is intended for someone who has a fast-pace lifestyle, who wants to keep organized,
keep track of events and who gets distracted easily.
Audience: High school students, College students
App characteristics:
● Helps you keep track of events
● Reminders
● Customize as you like
● Day, week, month modules
● Note taking
● Tasks and to-do lists
● Left-over task of the day will be reminded until task is completed
Compared to other planner apps, ours will have a certain technology where when someone sets
a reminder and he/she isn’t doing the task the app knows and it will keep reminding them until
the task is completed. Once the task is done, the app will know and check it off as completed.
Planner App
California State University, Los Angeles
MKT 3100-02
Group: 7
Kaori Hernandez
Amanda Maldonado
Clary Dan
Yijing Cheng
Quan Ouyang
1. Executive Summary
Our new an improved planner app has a unique structure and is different compared to
other planner apps on the market. The overall content of this market plan is to learn how to
develop, plan, and implement a successful marketing strategy and also train creative and
teamwork skills.
Tracking of events among students is at times difficult due to a fast-pace lifestyle or gets
distracted easy however this app contributes to ensuring tracking events is easy and efficient for
students. It is also affordable in terms of downloading compared to other apps in the market. One
can also customize the app as one likes because it belongs to them in their own phone. This app
has also characteristic of taking note this becomes a benefit to student who don’t like writing
dictated notes during lecture classes.
The planning app has a very unique characteristic compared to other planner apps which
is left-over task will keep being reminded until the task is completed. But also includes other
characteristics for example; helps students keep track of events, reminds, customize as someone
likes, day, week, month modules, note taking, tasks and to-do-lists. Compared to other planner
apps ours will have a certain unique technology where when someone sets a reminder him or her
is not doing the task the app already detects and it will keep reminding them until the task is
completed. Once the task one hand is completed the app will know know and check is off as
Environmental factors that are particularly relevant in the market for the planner app
include price, demand curve, supply curve among others. The better the price in terms of
affordability the best the commodity.
2. Marketing Environment
Culture is the shared meanings, beliefs, morals, values, and customs of a group of people.
For the Planner App we are focused on distributing it through all of the United States. The
United States is a very diverse country that has odd share of beliefs. People believe they must
constantly be active and busy, as well as competitive. The Planner App keeps you organized and
helps busy Americans stay on top of things and helps them to keep going. It also satisfies that
competitive side. The Planner App is aware of what you are doing therefore it never lets you
forget that you are in a competition with others and most importantly with yourself. It sends you
reminders and motivational messages to always keep you on your feet and to keep you from
slacking off.
Demographics is the information about the characteristics of human populations and
segments. The Planner App is mostly targeting high school and college students. However, it is
open to people of all ages who have a busy schedule. Our consumers are male and females
between the ages of 14 and 22. We expect to have a vast amount of consumers from the white,
asian, and hispanic community since these three groups are known to have high expectations
from family and are constantly busy since they sometimes have to juggle school, work, family,
and other extracurricular activities. Because of the the diversity in the USA we have different
languages to satisfy our customer needs.
Social Trends
The Planner App advocates to be green. We refuse to transfer our technologically
advanced setup and structure onto paper to save trees. The company also promotes and works
with organizations that try to keep a friendly environment. There is no need for customers to
have privacy concerns. When setting up the Planner App we require our customers to use a
strong password. The Planner App has partnered up with Norton Antivirus to keep any viruses
from hacking into your personal information on the Planner App. And we constantly have
updates that will protect your privacy on your app.
Technological Advances
This strategy gives organizations a competitive edge and is always one step forward from
its competitors. The Planner App is aware of what you are doing (with your permission of
course) and will keep you accountable. It will not only remind you to do your work with
personalized messages and reminders but it also asks for evidence such as pictures, videos, sound
recordings, emails, or anything that proves you may be done with your errands.
Economic Situation
Since we are targeting students in high school and in college we will make our app free to
students and will require any non-student to purchase the app for a low and reasonable amount.
However our app will require confirmation from a high school or college to confirm that you are
a student, and it’s free trial will end the moment you graduate college or high school if you do
not continue to college or university.
Political/Regulatory Environment
The political/regulatory environment comprises political parties, government
organizations, and legislation and laws. We will be following the policies for the Federal Trade
Commission (FTC) since we like fair competition.
Top four popular planner apps out there are:, TimeTune, Planner Pro, and
Sectograph. Except for the common function of a planning app such as daily reminder, daily
(weekly, monthly) task management, ect., each of these apps also provide their unique service
which difference themselves to other competitors, and some of their function will be unlock
when the customer upgrade the service to the premium pack, such as repeat at the end of each
day (TimeTune app); Full records searching including events, tasks and notes, and customize
launch view as you want (Planner Pro app); Daily only planning with 12 hours pie-chart
timekeeping (Sectograph).
Although the Planner App mays not have the full custom view; searching bar; or the 12
hours pie chart set up; but it also contains the unique service allow it to stand out of other apps.
Some of it service would be group sharable task tracking; files such as docs, pdf, and PowerPoint
shareable attachment function; web access for history of work; and effectively motivation
Potential Customers
Since the Planner App have the group sharable tracking tasks with high privacy
protection, it could be used by the large corporation for large proj …
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