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The Pitfall of having Hyper-connected Systems
Technology improvement has both positive and negative influences on the general
community. Through the advancement in technology application in modern-day communities,
different people can complete multiple tasks through this application.
On the other hand, there are other negative challenges that society faces through this
improvement. At this particular moment, the rate of insecurity in the internet business is high, and
the reason for this is because many people are using the internet as a way to perform different
kinds of business activity. In most cases, malicious individuals target the points that may have
more vulnerable
Lack of the implementation of appropriate measures that can promote data security is one
of the forces that may lead to increased attacks to the involved piece of data. An excellent example
of a city where there is a high rate of cyber issues is Dubai because of the free Wi-Fi that is being
offered to tourists and even the local people (Fidler et al., 2018). People tend to like free things
and thus hackers have taken advantage of this which means that if a person uses the free Wi-Fi
without securing his system then the hackers will easily be able to steal information from the users
and as a result of this, it definitely leads to the loss of the victims data such as credit card
information. As a result of the use of technology as well as relying on the internet for different
tasks exposes personal data to malicious individuals who may attack the involved people who may
own the piece of data in question. The community experienced increased cases of attacks that may
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affect the associated part of data as well as change the relationship that may exist between the
relevant stakeholders. Other than the arising issues in cyber-security, there is a new technology
that has been invented to help users secure themselves from hackers. The technology is known as
a VPN which allows the users to ensure all their information while using free WI-FI and as a result
of this, nobody can see what you are doing over the internet. Which means that your data and
information will always be secured at all times.
The manufacturing industries are the well-known sectors that engage in the application of
modern technology to ensure that they can solve more data involved challenges as well as
encouraging data security. However, the use of the internet may result in the exposure of critical
data about these organizations to the community. The current trend in the manufacturing industry
is the unparallel level of information exchange and automation, and for this reason, it requires the
actual integration of the internet of systems, internet of things, and cloud computing methodologies
and technologies (Fidler et al., 2018). This leads to the hyper-connected systems that make things
easier for the entire manufacturing industry. But other than this, it has also led to a massive amount
of cyber-attacks because the main disadvantage of having hyper-connected systems is the fact that
it makes the entire industry to be vulnerable to cyber-attacks which means that the enterprise
system is much more secure and reliable as compared to the hyper-connected system. Recently, in
the United Kingdom, more than eighty-five manufacturing companies were faced with cyberattacks, which led to massive amounts of losses. This is an indication that the increase in the use
of hyper-connected systems needs an increase in the use of cyber-security to make the entire
system safe and reliable.
The internet of things has made the world to be a global village and the main reason for
this is because it has made it possible for people who have an internet connection to easily
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communicate and perform various kind of task with ease over the internet even though they may
be living in different parts of the world (Fidler et al., 2018). The internet of things is also the main
reason as to why the world is experiencing an increase in the use of hyper-connected systems,
especially in the manufacturing world. With the aid of the internet of things and the use of hyperconnected systems in the manufacturing world, a manager can easily monitor the production
process while on the other hand oversee changes of inventory in the company in real-time. Time
management is one of the benefits that come from the use of the stated approach as the applied
tools enables people to examine the strategy that can lead to more production through the use of
limited resources. This has made things easier when it comes to manufacturing, inventory control,
communication, etc. but on the other hand, we still have a big problem when it comes to the use
of hyperconnected systems. This is because the system itself relies on the internet and as we all
know at this particular point in time information is equal to a lot of money, and this is the reason
as to why hackers are targeting hyperconnected systems in order to steal information (Fidler et al.,
2018). The use of hyperconnected systems has made it challenging to create a reliable security
system in the manufacturing world because everything is taking place over the internet and also
the activities could be conducted in different locations, and thus this makes the system to be
vulnerable to attacks. I believe creating a reliable security system will definitely take some time
and therefore it is essential that the use of the hyperconnected system should be regulated or be
used at the owner’s risk because of the high level of attacks to the system. The biggest drawback
when it comes to using hyperconnected methods is the fact that if one department is affected by
an attack, the entire order will suffer from the attack which means that the whole business activities
will be affected.
Cyber Security Problems in Technological Devices
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The use of the internet, as well as other technological appliances, is one of the requirements
that leads to the success in managing some of the cybersecurity issues that different members of
the community may face in their daily encounter. As we know, hyper-connected systems entail the
use of the internet of things and embedded systems in order to automate manufacturing processes
and the sharing and transmission of data and information from one place to another. According to
statistics, the use of modern technology is one of the factors that enable the community to solve
most challenges related to data that they may face. It has been evident that most companies that
rely on hyper-connected systems have accepted the concept of BYOD amongst their employees
(Joo et al., 2018). The main reason for this is because bringing your device at work will make it
easier for the internet of things to function efficiently and reliably because at this particular point
in time everyone is preferring to use small devices such as smartphones rather than using the
tradition desktop. The above is because new technology such as smartphones enables a worker to
work at any location, unlike the desktop that needs an employee to be at the office in order to
function. In other words, new technology is what defines the internet of things and hyperconnected systems.
On the other hand, the concept of bringing your own device at work comes with a lot of
cybersecurity problems, and the main reason for this is because it is the main thing that is leading
to cyberattacks when it comes to using and relying on hyper-connected systems (Waryold et al.,
2018). This is because employees usually end up visiting malicious sites such as social media
platforms and any other malicious websites during work time just because they have been allowed
to bring and use their own devices at work. Because of this, it is easy for a hacker to manipulate
an employee who does not know any about cybersecurity or social engineering and as a result of
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this a company can end up facing losses due to a cyber attack. It has been observed that the concept
of BYOD plays a significant role in the various attacks that hyper-connected systems are facing.
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