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Provide a detailed answer to the following questions.Requirements: AnswerS must be at least 5 complete sentences long and be in MLA format. Please be sure to cite your sources.

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1. Identify and describe at least 3 ethical considerations to consider when conducting evaluation
research. How do these factors affect the evaluation effort?
2. Which 2 aspects of an orientation program do you think are the most important in socializing new
employees? Support your choices.
3. Describe the nature and extent of the literacy problem facing organizations today. How might this
problem affect an organization’s attempt to introduce new technology (e.g., a computer-aided
manufacturing system)? What are the possible solutions?
4. Think about a time you had a problem with your own performance, either on the job or in one of
your classes. Using the nine-step performance analysis model from Fournies, try to identify the
cause of this problem, and state what you think could be done to correct it.
5. What federal and state legislation and regulations have had a significant impact on employee
counseling programs? Briefly, explain 3 such legislation/regulations. What 2 ethical issues relating to
employee counseling services merit discussion?
Briefly, discuss both issues and provide your opinion on the issue.
6. Explain how both organizations and individuals can benefit from a well-designed career
management system.
7. What are the 3 desired linkages that Siebert, Hall, and Kram suggest should exist between an
organization’s strategy and its management development activities? What did four guiding principles
did Siebert and colleagues find that some organizations do that can help HRD professionals make
the necessary strategic links? List and briefly explain the 4 guiding principles.
8. Define and explain the 5 different dimensions of organizational learning.
9. In some organizations, cultural diversity efforts meet with resistance from key managers and
employees. Identify at least one reason for this resistance and recommend ways it can be
overcome. Support your recommendations.
10. Review the following questions and rate yourself on each item using a scale of 1-5, with 5 being
the highest (you do not need to reveal your scores on each of the questions). After you are done,
discuss diversity issues as you have personally experienced them. In your view, what can or could
have been done to promote greater acceptance of diversity in the situation you described?

Everyone should learn about cultural differences.

Cultural diversity is a valuable resource and should be preserved.

Trainers should plan activities that meet the diverse needs of trainees from different cultural

I am comfortable around others whose cultural heritage is different from my own.

Cultural diversity is a positive force in the development of modern society.

Every culture has something positive to contribute to modern society.

Each person should feel pride in his or her own heritage.

I enjoy being around people who are different from me.

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