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Prepare a response where you answer the following questions about the company you work for or an organization with which you are closely affiliated. You may need to contact the IT department to get the answers.Which, if any, cloud-based resources and services does the organization use? What advantages does using cloud-based services afford the organization in the following areas:StaffingRent/spaceSecurityMaintenanceTechnical & customer supportOther?Which cloud-based resources and services could the organization use that it isn’t using already? Discuss the advantages of moving to cloud-based services in the same areas as above.Are there any services that the organization should notbase in the cloud? Why or why not? Be specific with specific examples and evidence.Comment on the responses of at least two classmates. Try to offer constructive and meaningful that advances everyone’s knowledge rather than merely a virtual pat on the back or “interesting post!”Support your response and all factual assertions with appropriate scholarly or industry sources with proper citations in APA format. Remember that opinions are fine but they must be rooted in facts. Do not approach this as a journal entry filled with your stream-of-thoughts. Do thorough reading on the topic before responding and use what you’ve read as evidence to support what you post. Do not use Wikipedia or similar sites. Do not use blog posts unless they are official publications of the relevant companies or their employees (e.g., Mark Zuckerberg’s blog would be an appropriate source for information about Facebook).==APA formatted unique, no plagarisam

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