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Provide a response to slides 11 and 13 team PowerPoint assignment List major points in the slides. Include detailed explanations in the speaker notes section that correlate to each point.

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Rehabilitation Center
Organizational Structure
By :
T eresa B row n
P eter D ev ries
T am m y L ee
Ly nsey R itondale
C hristina R odriguez
T ondra R ussell
S allie S tearns
Hands4Healing Rationale: Adding A
New Addition
Long-Term Care Services
❖ Hiring staff to run the expansion
❖ Meet the healthcare needs of patients and their families
❖ Provide long term care for in-patient & out-patient individuals
❖ Providing patients and families with a successful environment/level of care
What are Appropriate
Communication Methods for
Managers within the Organization?
❖ Each team member needs to clearly know/understand what’s expected of them
❖ Holding meetings to announce new policies
❖ Give/provide handouts
❖ Integrity always needs to be demonstrated
❖ Visual and verbal communications needs to occur
❖ Encouragement of honesty and respect
What is the Importance of These
Communication Methods Within the
Organizational Structure?
❖ These communication methods are an integral part of the effectiveness of the manager
❖ Each team member is required to perform their respective tasks
❖ Operating as a hierarchical organization
❖ Tiers of employees that hold unique ranks
❖ Levels of responsibilities
What Internal and External
Relationships must be Considered?
❖ Relationships created involve connection(s) with stakeholders
❖ Relationships are formed mainly through communication
❖ Both internal and external relationships are essential
❖ Internal relationships involve care and maintenance of employees
❖ Communication strategy enables communication between management
What Steps are Used to Implement
Change Within the Organization?
❖ Planning
❖ Organizing
❖ Leading
❖ Controlling
How Might the Steps be Applied ?
❖ Planning
❖ Organizing
❖ Leading
❖ Controlling
What Environmental Influences
Related to Healthcare May Affect
the Outcomes of Quality?
What Steps Will be Taken to
Evaluate Quality and Safety?
How Might Financial and Human
Resource Control Issues Affect
What Are Strategies That Might be
used to Bring About Change in the
❖ Recruit for new roles
❖ Train existing employees on required skills
❖ Implement new performance goals
❖ Optimize processes across new entities
❖ Sustain employee engagement in times of change
❖ Develop the leaders for tomorrow
How Might the Identified Strategies
be used to Prevent or Minimize
What Strategies Might be Applied if
Conflict Does Arise?
❖ Manage
❖ Initiate
❖ Avoidance
❖ Competition
❖ Accommodating
❖ Compromise
What is the Manager’s Role in
Conflict Management?
Explain How Ethical Issues May
Alter the Way Change is Conducted
Within the Organization.
Hoping for Healing: Wrapping up
Adding Long-Term Care Services

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