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750-1,000-word document to be submitted individually. You may use reputable websites, but be sure your facts are accuratePlease see attached for complete instructions.

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Hunger and the Global Environment Project Overview
Purpose: To research and plan an activity to help end hunger locally or globally and discuss the
rationale for involvement from a Christian World View.
Instructions: Incorporate a Christian World View into a project related to Hunger, Food
Insecurity, or Malnutrition. Over the next several weeks, you will have the opportunity to
research and become involved in an organization of your choice related to this topic. Monetary
donations are not a requirement of this assignment. Be sure you are working with a reputable
organization and are safe while participating (i.e., donating food or money to the homeless on the
street, while by yourself, or in an unsafe neighborhood, is not a safe choice). In addition, there
are many organizations for which you may volunteer without the need of a car.
1. Hunger and Global Environment Project: Paper Due
750-1,000-word document to be submitted individually. You may use reputable websites, but be
sure your facts are accurate.
a. Briefly state global and local hunger and food insecurity issues (how prevalent is this
b. Summarize the physical findings used in nutritional assessments for malnutrition
(Table E-5 in new textbook)
c. Research information on three different organizations that address local or global
hunger or malnutrition. Summarize who they are, how they got started, what they do,
and how/when/where college students could get involved. Quote their mission
statement. Are they a faith-based organization, if so what affiliation? If not, what is
their affiliation?
i. Ideas: Community garden, Feed my starving Children, Waste not AZ, Food
donation, Feeding America, Hunger Project, Children’s Hunger Fund, St.
Mary’s foodbank, Phoenix Rescue Mission, Give a HECK, Etc.
ii. GCU campus opportunity:
Local Outreach Homeless Ministry is a student-led ministry of the Office of
Spiritual Life. This partnership with St. Vincent DePaul gives GCU students
the opportunity to serve the hungry and homeless of Phoenix on Monday
nights and Thursday mornings weekly. Students carpool or ride together in
GCU fleet vans, volunteering their time, hard-work, and presence to minister
to the physical and spiritual needs of those 500 plus individuals who seek out
assistance weekly. Describe a plan of implementation. How will you get
involved? How can a college student get involved?
d. “Why would college students get involved with this organization?” Quote a related
Bible verse then describe a rationale for action against hunger from the beliefs of the
Christian worldview. Below are some examples, but you may include any others you
feel meet the criteria.
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i. Bible verses related to Global Hunger:
ii. Interpretations about generosity and duty to the poor:
iii. A Biblical Response to Poverty that also covers hunger:
e. After involvement in an organization of your choice, discuss:
i. Has this changed your perception of hunger? If so, how. If not, why? How
would this apply to your future, professionally or personally?
© 2019. Grand Canyon University. All Rights Reserved.

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