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Post a current event on one of the Human Resources subjects covered one or more of these topics
that relate to employees or managers in the hospitality industry. A few topics from the
chapters include:
Performance appraisal process,
Problems with performance appraisals,
Methods of appraising performance, Performance appraisal training, Approaches to administering discipline, Discharge interviews, or Exit interviews.Write one to two paragraphs that discuss 2-3 main points presented in the hospitality
related article (200-350 words).Write one to two paragraphs that describe how it relates to human resources in the
hospitality industry (minimum of 150 words). The article you choose must be at least two pages long.The article you choose must relate to the hospitality industry.The article you choose must be published after 2012.Include the website address or link to the article if you cannot download and
attach to this discussion posting.Be sure to put the reference information in your assignment using APA
formatting. Please cite your source.The minimum information that must be included
in the citation is the following:If printed or electronic journal article: Title of Article, Title of Journal,
Date and Issue number (if available). If web site: Title of article or company and website address.

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