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Power Point/Oral PresentationsIn addition, each student is required to make a 3-5 minute presentation on a topic of his/her choice. It could be a book, a scholarly article, a film, something on art, music, literature, personal account of a visit to a historical site – any topic students want to share with their classmates and the instructor – as long as it is relevant to the content and the post- World War II timeframe of the course (please check all chapters in the text assigned under Topics X, and XI). Students will need to select a topic, based on their interest, identify the format they are going to present (oral/PowerPoint presentation), and upload the audio/video/PowerPoint presentation/YouTube video by the due date. Notice there are two days set aside at the end of the semester for the presentations. This is only for emergencies. The presentation is due on the first of the two dates for consideration of full credit; if it is submitted the second day, it will be considered for 50% of the credit. The dates are included in the Important Dates section of the syllabus and will be posted under Instructions/Announcements during the course of the semester. Students will be required to provide a 2-3 sentence summary of what they are going to present after the first couple of weeks of the semester and get their topics approved by the instructor. Students may change topics with prior approval and a resubmission of their brief description via email before the date of their second Journal entry submission where they talk about, among other things, how their oral presentation preparation is going. Generally, students seem to be interested in more contemporary issues, including Human Rights issues, and can opt to present on events/causes that are ongoing or they are actually involved in as we speak. Presenters MUST have a written version of their oral presentation with all references and 5citations listed, which they must email to the instructor at least 24 hours prior to the presentation. It is important to remember that the duration of the actual oral presentation is to be 3-5 minutes. The write-up should include a brief paragraph introducing the country/region in which the topic is based; a paragraph about the country/region’s overall history, a paragraph emphasizing the historical period in which the topic is contextualized, and lastly it should include the written version of what is orally presented. The first three paragraphs may be briefly summarized at the beginning of the oral/ Power Point Presentation to save time. The presentation and the 1-2 page write-ups will account for 10% of the class grade. Students have the option of doing a Power Point presentation instead of the oral presentation. However, a write-up is still required and the specifications are the same as that of the oral presentation. Students are cautioned against inadvertent non-acknowledgement of sources and repeating verbatim the language of their sources as they prepare for their slideshow/ copy paste captions and/or pertinent information as they put together their presentation. Please review district policy about plagiarism carefully prior to submission and presentation. Please check Important Dates section at the end of the syllabus and the calendar

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