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1.Finish essay 3 (6 pages)2. two Peer reviews using the form attached. (By Thursday)

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For our peer editing workshop this week, you will be reviewing drafts of 2 of your
classmates. The purpose of peer review is for you to help each other advance beyond
the current draft toward the finished paper. To best achieve this purpose, try first to
describe what this draft is doing and then move on to suggestions for making the paper
more effective. Your goal is not to judge but rather to mirror and offer specific advice.
1. Describe how the writer introduces the subject and purpose of the paper. What
is the writer arguing? How is the writer’s topic defined and framed? Is the topic
clear to a general reader who may not know much about it? What would make
the introduction more effective and engaging?
2. Describe how the writer establishes and explores the historical and cultural
context of the topic being analyzed. More specifically, what question or
questions is the analysis addressing? Does the analysis respond to the critical
question? Or do you think the critical question should be changed? What points
could be more effectively established and explored to set up and then follow
through on the analysis?
3. Describe how the writer projects his or her own writing voice clearly while
appropriately using sources to support his or her ideas. Does the writer
consistently use appropriate quotations and examples from the key sources to
set the stage for analysis? How can the writer provide a more vivid sense of and
deeper insight into the topic? Consider attention to primary sources, which are
the raw materials of your research process, such as field work, writings by the
person in question, government documents, newspaper articles, advertisements,
first-person accounts, and literary works. Note and suggest what the writer
might do for 3 pieces of field work, from 2 different categories (interviews,
observation, and participation).
4. Describe how the writer uses sources to respond to the critical question. How
can the sources be used more effectively? In secondary sources, scholars use
primary sources to interpret your topic or its historical and cultural context.
Examples are books, scholarly journal articles, encyclopedia articles, and
critical commentaries in the newspaper, magazines, and elsewhere.
List below what you liked, suggestions for improvement, and a brief outline:

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