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Populations Affected by Mental Illness attached PowerPoint presentation. Once done answer the following question1. Explain and give some examples of the concepts of community mental health, and discuss the importance of community mental health promotion in special populations.2. Describe the biological, social, and political factors associated with mental illness.3. Describe different types of evidence-based treatment for mental disorders, including the use of psychotropic medication management, community case management, and crisis intervention. Give at least one example.4. Describe the role of mental health nurses in the community. APA format word document, Arial 12 font attached. A minimum of 700 words is required.

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Chapter 24
in Community
An Overview
Basic Concepts
• Risk
• Vulnerability
• Special needs
– At risk
• Vulnerable populations
– Vulnerable families
Web of Causation
• Schematic model
– Shows interrelationship among multiple
factors that contribute to choices made by
individuals, families, and communities that
affect their health status
– Factors commonly associated with

Disadvantaged socioeconomic status
Lifestyle behaviors
Low self-esteem
Feelings of powerlessness
Poverty and Historical
• Society’s attitude
• Two common themes
– Strong work ethic
– Religious/moral beliefs
• Industrial Revolution
• Public assistance programs
• Shift from federal government to state to
private sector
Cultural and Policy Perspectives
• Cultural perspectives
– Meaning of poverty

Persistent poverty
Neighborhood poverty
Underclass poverty
• Policy perspectives
– Poverty index
– Near poor
Health-Related Perspectives

High rate of infant mortality
High morbidity and mortality
Complex health problems
Physical limitations secondary to chronic
• Trauma-induced injuries
• Death by violence
Community Perspectives
• High proportion of underrepresented
ethnic groups
• Single mothers
• High rate of unemployment
• Low level of education
• Low wages
• Violence
• Discrimination
• Communicable diseases
• Premature death
Vulnerable Populations with
Special Needs
• Disenfranchised
• Uninsured and underinsured
– Medically indigent/working poor

Children and adolescents
Underrepresented ethnic groups
Nursing Considerations
• Access to care
• Acceptable services for vulnerable
patients in diverse settings
– Know the community
– Schedule clinic visits at convenient times
– Have bilingual nurses available
– Staff members who reflect cultural, racial,
ethnic background of persons who use the
– Sensitivity
– Nonjudgmental attitude
• Ethical and legal
• Patients’ strengths and resources
– Hardiness
– Support networks
• Nursing roles
– Advocate and activist
– Case manager
– Educator and counselor
– Collaborator and partner
– Researcher

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