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700 wordsAPAAnswer these questions:Critically analyze the ethical literature related to public service.
Describe your initial observations from the assigned readings and media.
Explain how ethical you believe yourself to be.
Explain how this course might help to improve your ability to deal with ethical issues.
Which of these models do you believe is the preferred model, or the model that should be adopted in the US? Why?Required Reading and media:Public Service Ethics: Individual and Institutional ResponsibilitiesChapter 1, “Pertinence, Practicality, and Poppycock” (pp. 2-20)Chapter 2, “Perspectives on Ethics” (pp. 20-40)Bowman, J. S., & West, J. P. (2015).
Blind Spots
Chapter 1, “The Gap between Intended and Actual Ethical Behavior” (pp. 1-23)
Bazerman, M., & Tenbrunsel, A. (2011).
To Serve with Honor: Doing the Right Thing in Government
Chapter 1, “Are You an Ethics Agent?” (pp. 11-21)
Newell, T. (2015).

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