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4-5 Page Paper Minimum of 1100 words APA Format Times New Roman Size 12 Font Needs to have an Introduction, 3 body paragraphs, and a conclusion Needs 3 references Paper on the ethical implications of Artificial Intelligence Covering IntoWhat is Artificial IntelligenceWhat are some things we must consider in the development of A.I.How to make machines a betterment to societyWhile making sure they do not develop destructive behaviorsHumanity will be faced with countless ethical questions as A.I. continues to grow and become more advancedBody 1What are some of the ethical questions that revolve around Artificial Intelligence?How will machines be treatedWould they have rights?How to we make sure they do not develop destructive habitsPrevent them from become murderers, and drug dealers for exampleHow do you teach A.I. it is not ok to hurt people and at the same time give them free will?Body 2How is Artificial Intelligence seen from a Utilitarian view point?Utilitarian’s focus is on what outcome has a better return of positive effects Utilitarian’s would see the advancement of A.I. as a good thingWhat could utilitarian’s overlook when thinking of A.I. What are the negative side effects of A.I. advancement?Body 3How is Artificial Intelligence seen from a Command theorist view pointCommand theorists define good moral action and character based on their deities.Would Command theorists see A. I. Advancement as a positive and morally rightHow could command theorists see A.I. advancement as a sin?Man playing God.ConclusionA.I. will definitely lead to the betterment of societyWhat are some of the pitfalls that we have to look out for as A.I. advances?Command Theorists may see A.I. as a sin we need to be careful withWhile Utilitarian’s would think full speed ahead with A.I. research

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