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800-1000 words NO OUTSIDE SOURCES can be used (Internet, Books, Etc.) based only of own knowledge. MLA format. Follow the directions on file attached.

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Comparison Essay Assignment and Grading Rubric
This assignment is worth 150 points
This assignment requires students to write a comparison essay. The student may
choose to write about any of the topics below that interest them; failure to write about
one of the assigned topics will result in a zero (0) on the assignment. The essay must
be 800 – 1,000 words, and it must follow academic style of documentation as outlined
the syllabus and the MLA handout. The assignment may not use any outside sources.
Students may choose to write about one of the following topics:
A. Compare and/or contrast a place on campus at two different times of the day. For
example, you can compare and/or contrast a campus eating spot at the noon
rush hour and again at the 3 o’clock lull or the library before and after finals
week. Use description for vividness.
B. Compare and/or contrast two similar television shows, such as two reality shows,
two sit-coms, two news broadcasts, or two police dramas, to persuade your
reader that one is better than the other. Use description for vividness.
C. Contrast two celebrations of the same holiday, such as Christmas before or after
children, or Independence Day as a child and as an adult. Use description for
D. Contrast the way a group of people (for example, mothers, police officers,
fathers, or teens) is portrayed on television with the way the group is in real life.
Use description for vividness.
E. Compare or contrast life in two different places. Use description for vividness.
The final draft of this essay must be submitted as a .doc or .docx file to the drop box by
11:59 PM on the due date. Failure to submit the essay correctly will result in a zero (0)
on the assignment.
Comparison Essay Grading Rubric
1. Introductory Paragraph
a. Engages the reader
b. Contains the thesis
2. Body Paragraphs
a. Have clear topic sentences
b. Show unity in ideas (one main idea and focus)
c. Show coherence of ideas (transitions, logical order)
d. Use appropriate evidence in support of the main idea
e. Follow a clear pattern of organization
3. Conclusion
a. Restates the thesis and reaffirms the main points, but is not too redundant
b. Ties up the paper with a thought-provoking ending
4. Conventions
a. Correct spelling
b. Correct grammar
c. Correct punctuation
5. Assignment Instructions
a. Essay follows proper academic style of documentation; the essay must fulfill all
requirements in order to receive the points

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