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1. For this week’s discussion, read the student model essay starting on page 279 of your textbook, and answer Question for Analysis #3 in the form of a discussion post:”In the third paragraph, and then later in the final paragraph, Mirham begins to discuss how the two cultures he compares seem to have differing values. What differences does he see? Do you agree with his observations? Which values, in your opinion, are most important?”2…For this week’s Composing Exercises, you will start thinking about classification. Read pp. 40-44Read pp. 267-272.Read through the freewriting exercise, “Writing Assignment for Classification” on p. 269.Choose two of the categories listed on p. 269 and write two separate paragraphs classifying the types described.3…Complete weekly grammar exercises here.4…Complete the weekly exercises and review this week’s lesson before attempting this quiz.Note: Quiz must be submitted by 11:59pm at the end of Week 4. Please contact the instructor should you need access to take the quiz late after this date.

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