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A group of entering freshman college students would like to know first hand about taking English 1301 online. As an experienced and successful online student, identify focus and key points you feel they should know about taking this online English course. Use generalizations to organize and focus your body paragraphs, but be sure to expand, explain, and illustrate all your claims and points with specific experiences and details. Your final document should be a polished, reasonably edited and revised essay.Suggestion: As with your second essay in this class (the timed essay), break up the overall time limit into smaller time blocks that will allow you to brainstorm and organize your presentation within the time constraints. You have already worked on a journal and a class discussion on this topic, so you should be able to recollect many specifics and examples that will give vitality and texture to your essay. Don’t simply start writing. The time spent collecting ideas and organizing will pay off in the end. Also, remember your intended audience, as your ability to direct your comments to them will be part of the evaluation on this final exam essay.

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