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Professional Experience FourDue at the end of week 7 (not eligible for late policy unless an approved, documented exception is provided)*In the workplace, incomplete work is not accepted. The professional experience assignments are designed to help prepare you for that environment. To earn credit, make sure you complete all elements and follow the directions exactly as written. This is a pass/fail assignment, so no partial credit is possible. Assignments that follow directions as written will be scored at a 22. Assignments that are incomplete or do not follow directions will be scored as a zero.This week’s Professional Experience requires you to create a speaking outline for your upcoming presentation (Assignment #4).Steps to Complete Professional Experience FourStep one: Click on the link in the “Link to OneDrive” section above. The link will take you to a OneDrive folder titled Week 7. Review the sample outline document provided in this folder.Step two: Create an outline (Refer to the Outline Guidelines, below, for details) for your Week 8 presentation based on Week 6’s PowerPoint presentation (a video preview is available under the Week 7 tab in Blackboard).
You may use the provided Presentation Outline Sample posted in OneDrive or develop a different outline on your own.
Step three: Save your file to your desktop using the following file name format: Your_Name_Presentation_Outline.
Example file name: Ed_Buchanan_Presentation_Outline
Make sure that you leave the “Comments” column blank.
Step four: After you have completed your presentation outline, upload it to the “Completed Outlines” folder on OneDrive.Step five: Submit your completed outline for your instructor’s review using the Professional Experience #4 link in the Week 7 tab in Blackboard.Outline Guidelines
Use Microsoft Word or Excel only to complete your outline.
Use short bullet points, rather than long paragraphs.
Focus only on the key points in your Week 6 presentation; avoid discussing less important details
Refer to the example outline posted for you in the Week 7 OneDrive folder
Base your submission on the outline format in the example or create your own for this Professional Experience

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Presentation by Tony Student
Slide Title
Social Media in the Workplace
Slide Text
“Twitter is not a technology, it’s a conversation – and
it’s happening with or without you.” – Charlene Li,
Over 306 million active Twitter users send 500 million
Tweets daily *
Social Media Primer
Five Leading Practices on Social Media
Best Buy Case Study
Closing Remarks
Questions and Answers
Social Media Primer
Five Leading Practices on Social
Understand Company Policy
Personal and Professional
An online medium for social collaboration *
It’s all about the content
Social Media can enable business
Platforms include LinkedIN, Twitter, Facebook, etc.
Understand what interactions are valuable
Avoid interactions that violate company policy
Ensure messaging is mindful of company culture
Policy and culture is organic
Community standards and etiquette
Social Media focuses on getting work done
Mix in your own personal brand
Humans want to connect with others
Keep interactions professional
Avoid uncomfortable topics
Public Versus Private
Understand the boundary of public vs private
Select the correct medium
Engage the appropriate audience
Information classification is key
Understand the information you have
Never share private company secrets
Never post anything that belongs to someone
Legal ramifications for wrongful disclosure
The Washington Post Test
Protect the company brand
Would you publish it in the Washington Post?
Would the post embarrass the company?
Brand damage can cause company harm
Loss of consumer confidence
Loss of revenue
Loss of jobs
Remember the Golden Rule
Best Buy Case Study
Best Buy Case Study
Best Buy relies heavily on social media
Best Buy’s Social Media Policy * is clear
Employees must disclose their affiliation
Employees must state that it is their opinion
Employees must not disclose company, legal, and
client information
Best Buy Case Study
Best Buy’s Social Media Policy * is clear
Employees are expected to act ethically
Content with racial, ethnic, sexual, religious, and
physical disability slurs are not tolerated
Best Buy enables it’s employees to effectively
use Social Media for business
Closing Remarks
Questions and Answers
Social Media is business enabler
Have a clear Social Media Policy
Follow the five practices
Understand Company Policy
Personal and Professional Interactions
Public Versus Private Communications
The Washington Post Test
Remember the Golden Rule
Title Slide
Hello, my name it Tony Student, I currently work as an Information Security Manager at
a financial services firm in the Washington DC Metro area and am responsible for
securing a multi-trillion dollar financial platform. Part of my responsibilities is to provide
training and awareness on topics that deal with Information Security including the use
of Social Media in the Workplace.
Social media is a powerful platform which helps connect people. According to Charlene
Li, author of Groundswell, “Twitter is not a technology, it’s a conversation – and it’s
happening with or without you.”
Consider the fact that every minute of every day roughly 5,800 tweets are posted to
the Twitterverse. This amounts to over 500 million tweets daily! That statistic definitely
echoes the sentiment of Charlene Li and is an important thing to consider when it
comes to business. Social media can become a positive part of promoting a company’s
brand and allows a business to provide supreme customer service.
For today’s agenda we are going to cover the following topics:
Social Media Primer – Which will provide insight into what social media is and its
Five Leading Practices on Social Media – Tips on the appropriate use of Social Media
Best Buy Case Study – An example of how one big box retailer sets the tone and
expectation on social media for business use
Closing Remarks – Final thoughts one how transformative social media can be for
Questions and Answers – To be able to provide some time to answer those burning
questions that you didn’t realize you had until you saw this material.
According to the English Oxford Living Dictionary, Social Media are “Websites and
applications that enable users to create and share content or to participate in social
In other words, social media in an online medium for social collaboration. All said and
done, it’s all about the content that people and companies produce and publish to the
masses. The platform is an enabler for businesses to create accessibility for consumers
to producers of a product or idea.
Examples of social media platforms that you may already be familiar with include,
LinkedIN, a professional social networking site; Twitter, a microblogging site, and
Facebook which originally started out as a place for college folks to collaborate and
quickly turned into the defacto platform that connects families and businesses as well.
This next section will discuss the five leading practices on social media as it pertains to
the workplace.
Understand what the company policy is regarding social media, especially if they have a
publicly facing social media presence. A well written policy will provide detail in regards
to what the company perceives as valuable interactions and will have guidance on how
to appropriately interface with customers.
Social media is a publishing platform that the world can read, be wary of behaviors
which violate company policy. One method of doing so is by being mindful of your
company culture since it can negatively affect the brand strength should an interaction
with the customer public can result in harm in the company’s public image.
Check the policy often since both policy and company culture can change over time, for
all you know, the community standard, and etiquitte which serve as guiding principles
have to be agile enough to adjust with the tweaks that your company may make.
Social media in the context of a company is focused on getting work done. Remember
that it is supposed to be a business enabler and not a time sink. At the end of the day
the company pays you to do your job and use of this as a tool should not detract from
the company mission. You may be thinking “Oh wow, it sounds like this is more of a
killjoy or it seems boring seeing a flurry of text on the screen” Try injecting some
personality in the interactions that you have and make the experience your own.
Humans naturally want to connect with others since we are social beings. Just
remember that behind that text is another person, so be mindful of keeping your
interactions professional. Avoid topics that may prove to be awkward or uncomfortable
to others else a potential for miscommunication may occur.
It is vitally important to understand that some social interactions that occur online have
a specific target audience in which an interaction is designed to be disclosed.
When using a social media platform to publish these ideas, ensure that you pick the
appropriate medium to deliver your message. If it takes longer thjat 140 characters to
express the thought (as is the limitation set by Twitter) the alternative would be to
publish a Facebook post which enjoys longer form publications of articles.
The message should be engaging to the right audience. If your communication is
specifically for people who collect vinyl records, does it make sense to create an
interaction on a thread who’s demographic is targeting people who enjoy reading
Now that you are ready to creat that post, consider whether or not that post should be
published to the whole world. Most companies have a set of confidential trade secrets
that they protect, after all that is the “secret sauce” to what makes them a market
competitor. It is important to understand the type of information that you have and
you should avoid sharing company secrets. If it doesn’t belong to you, then why would
you post it? Doing so may have definite negative legal ramifications that could be
detrimental to you or to others who get this information.
Think twice before posting, if in doubt, try using the “Washington Post Test” to help you
determine if the content is appropriate.
The basic premise is to ask yourself if the content that you had in mind to disclose to
the public would be okay if you had published it on the front page of The Washington
Post. Reading over that content, do you feel that the message could potentiall
embarass the company?
You are probably asking yourself, “Why should I care about it?” Posting an
inflammatory remark on your company’s social media presence could cause irreperable
brand damage. Damage to the brand could cause a significant loss of consumer
confidence in the product that you are selling, losing sales means a loss in revenue, loss
of that revenue means the company can’t meet their financial obligations which could
result in job cuts. If the post that you make is egregious enough, it may lead to
immediate termination and possibly civil lawsuits.
Oh wow that is a lot of talk of doom and gloom, but fear not, there is a way out of that
mire, which brings us to the final leading practice.
Remember the Golden Rule! Repeat after me: “Treat others as you would like to be
treated” it is the ultimate maxim of altruism seen throughout history and should be the
guiding principle in all your interactions on social media and in your personal life.
To achieve this end you will want to be self-aware about your interactions with others
as it is not all about you. When you are leveraging social media for business, it is to help
others with issues that they may have with a company product.
Be an active listener and pay attention to what the customer has to say. In some
instances the person on the other side of the conversation may just want to vent for
the first few moments, they do this to be heard. Acknowledge this and then find a
proactive method to manage the conversation.
Be clear in your communications, as a mis-communication can exacerbate a situation
and cause it to escalate. Rmember that social media is a double edged sword, the
interaction that your customer has with you good or bad will be just as likely to be
posted out to the world to see. You definitely don’t want to set the precedence of being
the company with crappy customer service.
Finally, you should endeavor to be respectful always, after all you want to make all
interactions with your customer base be positive ones. By providing this level of respect
to a person, you will help make them feel valued and at the same time be able to take
the coversation into a more constructive route to actually fix the issue that they may
legitimately have with the company.
This section will talk about how Best Buy manages it’s Social Media platform
Best Buy is a retailer of consumer electronics and home good with both brick and
mortar and online e-commerce site. Best Buy also services what it sells, as part of this
support structure, you can interact with Best Buy through their social media presence
on Twitter using the handle @BestBuy.
BestBuy relies heavily on social media and to facilitate good behavior on that platform
they have created a clear social media policy that applies to their employees. Some of
the highlights that come from their policy include:
Disclosing their affiliation to Best Buy – It is important that when you are acting as an
agent of the company that you let your customers know that you are a representative,
not doing so is dishonest.
State that the opinion that they post when not acting on the official BestBuy social
media account are their own opinion. The beauty of freedom of speech is that it is free,
but it is important to provide that buffer to your employer when you have a divergent
view of a certain topic.
Keep company secrets, secret. Employees are prohibited from sharing information that
they are not specifically authorized to disclose as this can cause brand damage, which
can translate into monetary damages to the company.
Act ethically, after all honesty is the best policy, it help build consumer trust in the
brand and shows the integrity of the employees that Best Buy hires.
Slurs of any kind are not tolerated at any level by Best Buy; those found in violation are
subject to disciplinary action.
Best Buy’s policy helps set the guidlines that all their employees should follow as they
are encouraging the positive interaction with customers and do so by enabling the use
of social media as part of the normal business model.
If you would like to read the full policy, it is available at the url provided in this
We have covered a lot of material, so I wanted to leave you with these final thoughts.
As we have seen throughout this talk, social media is a definite business enabler and
can help set your company apart from the rest in the field. To do so, a business should
have a clear social media policy which informs an employee on what is acceptable when
using social media platforms on behalf of the company.
Finally we have covered over the five leading practices as it pertains to social media.
Understand the Company Policy – Those are the rules your company expects you to
Personal and Professional Interactions – Use social media as a tool to get work done and
be mindful of how you interact with others
Public Versus Private Communications – Understand what is okay to post to the public
versus what you should keep secret to protect your company
The Washington Post Test – When in doubt try applying this test to see if it is
appropriate to disclose certain information
Remember the Golden Rule – Repeat after me: “Treat others as you would like to be
Each of these practice areas will help you navigate the sometimes complex waters of
social media. If you are able to master each of these areas, then the opportunities to
building a strong online brand for your company is limitless.
Now is the time for asking those questions that you may have been afraid to ask. If
there are no further questions, I would like to thank you very much for taking the time
to listen to me on the value of Social Media in the Workplace.

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