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A research paper about problems in san diego I choose to write house renting. I need 8 pages I already have 6 sources I do have the thesis too. I need someone to write the 1st 2 paragraphs about the causes and the problems, 3 paragraphs solution and the last paragraph has to be argumentative. The total of paragraphs will be 8 with introduction and conclusion. all 6 sources has to be used.

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To begin drafting your own argument about your research paper
To focus on your thesis statement, topic sentence, evidence.
Write the rough draft of your research paper.
This essay should include:

A thesis statement which communicates your main claim about the topic
Body paragraphs that include topic sentences that support your thesis statement and evidence
to back up your ideas.
Your body paragraphs should have at least 2 quotes per paragraph
At least one counter argument paragraph
The essay should include at least 6 sources. 3 of those sources should come from the library.
What NOT to include:

Fully-developed introduction and conclusion paragraphs
Grading Rubric
Essay Component. The essay…
has one single idea, stated in a thesis statement early in the
paper that answers your chosen question.
has multiple paragraphs with a topic sentences that
develop the central idea.
cites relevant support from the texts—both direct
quotation and paraphrase—to illustrate the main point.
introduces cited information as specified in MLA style.
explains the connection between the citation and the point
by analyzing information.
considers multiple perspectives through the use of at least
one counter-argument
grammar that is largely error-free
Needs Fair
Done Work
15 point possible

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