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“Climate and Air Pollution” Note: Online students please respond to one (1) of the following four (4) bulleted options:Carbon dioxide is held responsible for much of global warming. Using
the Internet or Strayer databases, describe two (2) recent
technological innovations that have been proven to reduce carbon dioxide
emissions.Of the climate wedges described in Table 9.2 in your textbook, which
wedge do you believe would be the easiest to achieve and why? Next,
using the same table, speculate which wedge you believe would be the
least tolerable and why.Take a position on the following statement: “Are environmental
regulations required for air pollution control, or can the market handle
it?” Describe two (2) possible market solutions to air pollution then
estimate its chance of success.Take a stance in regards to the following statement: “Do you think
air pollution is better or worse than it was a few decades ago?” Next,
provide two (2) pieces of information that influenced your stance.
Lastly, describe one (1) way that your own personal experiences
influenced your opinion on this subject.

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