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Please write an original post and two replies to classmates. I’m going to extend the deadline for this one in hopes that you will give it your fullest consideration. Make sure you post by Wednesday, July 17, 2019.Climate experts cite three “pillars” for responding to human-caused climate change:Mitigation – reducing emissions and slowing warmingAdaptation – taking steps to live with the effectsResilience – putting into place social, economic, built environment and environmental systems that can bounce back from the impacts of climate change.Study these websites: (Links to an external site.) (Links to an external site.) (Links to an external site.)Then respond to the following questions in no less than 300-400 words.How can you and the county you live (specify if you live in Orange, LA, Riverside or some other County) begin to mitigate climate change? Be specific! Talk about your efforts and your community…not other people or communities outside of Southern California.How can Orange County adapt to the effects of heatwaves, wildfires, sea level rise and the spread of “tropical” diseases?What policies, economic incentives, infrastructure or approaches could be used to help Orange County recover from future impacts of climate change?Please note..there are no simple answers.What I hope you will think about is that all three of these pillars will be necessary on a local, state, national and global level to respond to climate change.Consider that it’s also highly unlikely that people will suddenly ride a bike, take a bus or train, quit eating meat, stop using plastics, drive less, be willing to pay more for gas, etc. etc. What kinds of incentives or social pressures can be implemented to change people’s behavior?I hope you’ll also consider the social justice side of these impacts. Wealthy people be able to pick up and move…but your average and low-income OC citizen certainly can’t afford to move, build a fireproof house, install central A/C, buy an electric vehicle, install solar panels, etc. How can we build climate adaptation and resiliency that doesn’t negatively impact disadvantaged groups of people?Give it some thought and discuss it with others rather than just take the easy way out. How we address this really complex problem will determine how truly uncomfortable and expensive living in Orange County (and most other places) will become.

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