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Please write a 14 page paper double spaced APA Style for different negotiation tactics between middle eastern people specifically Arabs, Asians, and Americans. The three different cultures that need to be focused on are specifically Arabic People (Middle East), Americans, and Asians (Chinese people) My proposal for this paper was: A stream of research in one of the many areas of negotiation explored in the context of business or organizational negotiations such as: Cross-cultural considerations. Per the chosen topic above, we would like to talk about cross cultural situations and the factor it plays in a business. We will discuss the effectiveness of the cross-cultural parameter as itemized below: Overcoming cultural barriers in negotiations The importance of communication in the business deals Using techniques to prevent misunderstanding, conflicts, and financial damage Process in cross cultural negotiations Interviews and conclusion We will also talk to different individuals we work with to see how they would like to deal with business dealings as well as how their culture and background influences their decisions.

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